Are you an extrovert? You have these 4 advantages at work

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A study by the University of Toronto reveals the four advantages that extroverted people have in their places of employment. Know them here

Are you an extrovert? You have these 4 advantages at work

Being an outgoing person has different social benefits. As it is, it is easier to meet new people and establish new relationships of friendship. At the job level, having this type of personality has four advantages that make it stand out above their peers. These are:

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1. Motivational

2. Emotional

3. Interpersonal

4. Performance

According to a study conducted by Michael Wilmot, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, extroversion allows people to enjoy these four advantages and the positive effects they bring to the workplace.

In the first case, an extroverted person tends to have more motivation to reach goals and find rewards through work. Regarding emotions, extroverted workers experience positive feelings. According to Wilmot, a happy employee is not only satisfied with his life, but they will work harder and for this reason, they will be perceived as leaders. In addition, positive emotions lead the employee to deal better with stress and adverse experiences.

Extroverts are characterized by the pleasure of being surrounded by other people, which leads them to have three aspects that make them better leaders :

  • Your communication skills are stronger
  • They adapt more easily to different social environments
  • They are experts in persuasion
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As for the last advantage, the performance of the extroverts will be high due to a combination of the other three. "If you are motivated to achieve a goal at work, if you feel positive and are good at dealing with people, you will probably have a better job performance," says Wilmot. "These advantages seem to have a cumulative effect over the course of the race", says the scientist in statements collected by EurekAlert.

Do not despair if you are introverted

This is good news for extroverts, but it does not mean they are bad for introverts. Wilmot and his team clarified that few people fit completely into only one of the categories. This means that, to some degree, we all have a bit of extrovert and introvert.

In addition, having these social skills is not the only thing that is needed when it comes to success at work. The scientist is emphatic in clarifying that other aspects are required such as cognitive ability, awareness and the ability to regulate negative emotions.

Wilmot says that "you may be more introverted, but if you are smart, work hard and bring other things to the table, you will probably do well (...) At the same time, if you are more outgoing, but you lack the cognitive ability or the work ethic, you probably do not have that much success. "


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