Do you know what baby reflexology is?

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With this technique, you cannot only calm your baby's cry but also relieve some of your ailments

Do you know what baby reflexology is?

What is reflexotherapy?

Reflexotherapy is a practice in which certain points of the feet, hands, nose or ears are stimulated from massage. These points are called reflexes and those who practice this technique claim that there are connections between these points and specific organs that are located in a different place in the body. The massages serve to relieve this organ. However, there are no studies or evidence to show that there are indeed such connections, which is why reflexology is considered a pseudotherapy.

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His pioneer was the American William Fitzgerald who was based on an ancient Chinese medical tradition: acupuncture. Reflexology is also based on chi, an ancient Chinese concept that is defined as the "vital energy flow" that traverses the bodies of humans from channels called meridians. If these channels become blocked, there is an imbalance and the disease appears, so stimulating the reflex points can help the balance return and the discomfort is relieved.

The reflexology for babies

Although the existence of such connections has not been proven, reflexotherapy is used by professionals, and there are even professionals in the method. In the case of babies, this technique is usually used to calm their tantrums, but it can also be used to relieve stomach pains caused by digestive problems, allergies and congestions caused by respiratory diseases, or bone discomfort caused by teething.

Among the benefits of its practice, we can find the stimulation of the blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as the regulation of the functioning of the organs of your little one, eliminates the toxins and greatly improves your sleep.

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The reflexology for babies and adults is the same, the difference in the strength applied in the massage, because in babies it is much softer. Here we leave you a video of the DoulasMae YouTube channel so you can see what the reflow areas are and how the massage should be done in each of them.

Keep in mind that, despite the fact that reflex therapy usually has good results, it is recommended that, if necessary, take your little one to your trusted pediatrician, since it is never too much to rule out a greater discomfort. What we recommend is that you first ask the pediatrician and apply this technique taking into account his advice.


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