3 amazing exercises to stimulate your baby

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Baby sitting on the floor playing.

Baby sitting on the floor playing. / Pixabay

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Physical activity helps your baby's psychomotor development. Here we tell you about three activities to stimulate the growth of your little one

Experts agree that the physical and emotional development of babies should be stimulated from an early age. To stimulate this development, it is important to do so taking into account the child's abilities and the exercises that they will enjoy. Of course, it is not about promoting the career of the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Rafael Nadal, but that your baby has fun while exercising and developing their body and mind.

Leer en español: 3 increíbles ejercicios para estimular a tu bebé

Discover in this list, three exercises for your baby.

1. Swimming


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This is one of the favorite sports for adults and children. The contact with water is fun and also several muscles are exercised, the respiratory system and motor coordination are worked. Also, according to the Children's Guide, swimming promotes self-confidence and independence. You can enroll your child in swimming lessons from six months, and so you will stimulate:

  • The coordination
  • The equilibrium
  • The resistance
  • The appetite
  • The capacity of your cardiorespiratory system

Being an activity that involves several muscles, swimming causes certain psychomotor skills to develop early; for example, crawling and walking thanks to the constant exercise of the extremities. It will also help you establish a clearer sleep pattern for your baby. But there are not only physical advantages; there are also social and psychological aspects.

Children's Guide emphasizes that at a psychological level, babies will feel more self-confidence when they can move by themselves in the water. This favors the development of his intelligence and communication skills. Additionally, knowing how to swim from an early age will be a healthy and fun activity that could prevent the drowning of your baby.

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At a social level, swimming awakens in your baby a taste for games and sports and learning to share with other children and family members. This is highly beneficial because you will learn to socialize, share and consolidate bonds of friendship.

2. Run and jump


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They look like basic actions, but running and jumping promote movement, reflexes, balance, coordination, endurance and flexibility. This activity is for older children who are already able to stand and walk.

You can create fun games for your little ones and thus they will exercise without realizing it. For example, you can take your child to the park and invite his friends to chase bubbles or complete an obstacle course.

Jumping and running are exercises that involve the use of limbs, which will strengthen the development of psychomotor skills and coordination. These activities, done from an early age, will prevent your baby from suffering from obesity because they burn calories and keep the body toned.

When practiced in the company of other children of your age, your child will have better skills to communicate and establish friendly relationships. You can also participate in these games and so the little one will enjoy more of the activity.

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3. Yoga for babies and children



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Nowadays yoga is one of the fashionable sports in adults and children. This discipline improves posture, flexibility, resistance, circulation, concentration, calm, among many other aspects. For babies, yoga is very positive and can be practiced with parents. The best thing is that it can be done during the first month of life.

You should find a specialized instructor in mothers/fathers and babies to guide you correctly during the sessions. It is very important that when you go to start any physical activity, as a mother, you make sure you are in the ideal condition after childbirth. To make sure, consult your doctor.

Guía Infantil explains that the massages that the mother or father gives to the baby during the classes will help the child to suffer less to gas colic and the breathing exercises will make him calmer. Yoga will also favor the development of senses such as sight, touch and hearing. It will also strengthen the affective bond between parents and children.


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