When the power of 'hooligans' surpass the team's one

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In Latin America, unfortunate events have recently occurred that caused the departure of managers, which has generated insecurity and terror

When the power of soccer's 'barras bravas' surpass the team's one

Soccer is a sport that captures the attention of crowds in Latin America and the whole world, so situations of all kinds happen. Several of them are related to the fans, who in many cases will support their team or in others they do improper things that cause panic.

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In various cases, these fans are real criminals who hide under a T-shirt to do illicit and violent acts. In addition, they have been responsible for forming illegal associations in order to profit at the expense of others, with attacks and threats to the players.

The 'barras bravas' (the hooligan equivalent in Latin America) are a symbol of sadness that has been putting in check Latin American soccer and have caused agony in the directives. Latin American Post presents the most unfortunate events that have happened in Latin American soccer.

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1. A story of terror in Bolivia

The Spaniard Miguel Ángel Portugal, who led Jorge Wilstermann, had to leave the team for serious threats he received in Bolivian lands. These came from the 'Gurkas', who went to a training to make a series of recriminations with loud chants.

After this inconvenience, Portugal met with the president of the club, Gróver Vargas, who said they could not provide security in the institution: "The president came to tell me he could not guarantee my safety. I was perplexed," Portugal told the Larguero in record of Los Tiempos. For this reason, and by mutual agreement, he left the management of Wilstermann after leaving the headquarters of the team in the middle of a strong police scheme.

Wilster was defeated by Oriente Petrolero at the Felix Capriles stadium, followed by the strategist's departure of the stadium after insults and objects were thrown at him. The renowned portal Marca said that the coach wrote on his Twitter account that he had to leave the club for these reasons.

The Iberian had to face the head of the 'barras bravas' during training and the players were surprised at this event. In addition, in statements to Iusport, he said that the players were surprised by the way he faced them.

Portugal said to the portal that nobody from the board or the press came to defend him, since the president did not say anything in public. The poor performance of the team, both in the Apertura Tournament and in the Copa Libertadores de América, generated tensions with the most radical fans.

2. Threats that went around the world

In 2018, the Chilean trainer, Nicolás Córdova, received serious threats in the Peruvian Soccer while he managed the Universidad de Deportes de Lima. At that time, the team was in the penultimate position of the championship with only four points, so the relegation was played.

The website 24 Hours reviewed the threat that said "You, teacher, already know, you have been told in your face. Things are clear, people are not killed when they know war is coming." In addition, the fans gave the Austral a period of 48 hours to leave the country. Other members of the campus were also threatened.

This regrettable act was replicated worldwide, focusing specifically on the bad moments that Nicolás Córdova went through. The Austral arrived at the University from Santiago Wanderers, club with which he had descended to the second division of Chilean soccer. There were never any physical aggressions from the 'barras bravas' part, but the tension was strong as they entered with firearms into the training of the 'Inca' club.

3. Demanding money in Independiente de Avellaneda

In 2017, the Argentinian coach Ariel Holan and his assistants were intercepted by fans of the Independiente who demanded money. According to Clarin, the club's most radical fans intercepted them at the Villa Dominico complex and asked for USD $ 50,000.

After Holan and the others refused, there were pushes and threats that generated tensions. Subsequently, they followed the coach's family, who were also threatened. These radical fans have also been involved in other situations, in which they have threatened players and the management team bodies for results.

4. Pinola and his transfer to River

The central defender, Javier Pinola, who currently plays with River Plate, was threatened by fans of the Rosario Central. These team's fans painted threats on the walls of the façade of the school where Pinola's children normally attended. Marca said that the graffiti said "Eye for an Eye" and "Pinola traitor", so a great concern arose in the family of the Argentinian player.


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