3 tips to teach your baby to leave the diaper

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The process for a baby to leave the diaper is usually long and tedious, but there are tips that can help make it easier and more bearable. Here we show you some

3 tips to teach your baby to leave the diaper

The moment in which a baby leaves the diapers is one of the most expected by the parents; not only does it stop changing diapers every time throughout the days, but also you can stop spending a lot of money on them. However, leaving the diaper is a whole process, and the first thing you must keep in mind is that you will need to be patient, as your little one should go step by step.

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1. The indicated moment

Normally a baby begins to identify that he wants to pee or poop towards the year just completed, experts believe that a good time to start training to leave the diaper is at 18 months of age. You must bear in mind that not all babies are the same, there are those who leave their diapers until they are three years old. This also depends on other abilities that you have already obtained or that you must obtain in order to go to the bathroom, such as: following simple instructions such as standing still, walking or responding with yes and no; sit and stand alone; remove and put on the bottom garments by himself, etc.

2. What should you not do?

To stop wearing a diaper means to control the sphincters, a capacity that all human beings have unless a physical or psychological condition does not allow it. Precisely because of this, the process must be seen as something natural, something that should not be rushed or forced, because this can bring consequences later. You must be very careful with your measurements and words when carrying out the process.

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Do not reward: if you tell your little one that if you pee or poop in the cup you give him a prize, it is very likely that later, if there is no prize, kick or even in underwear. Instead, you can celebrate with a song or applause.

Do not punish: be very careful with your words. Do not call it piggy, pig, etc. to be done over. You also do not punish by taking things away or threatening them with others. Remember: it is a natural process and should not be forced.

3. The right space

So that your little one feels calm and his experience learning to leave the diaper is pleasant, you must have space and the indicated utensils. A good method is to start putting the potty in the place where he frequents, this way you will feel more comfortable to be in a space that you already know. If you prefer that once you get used to the bathroom, then invite him to enter and explore it to familiarize himself with it.

Do not force him to sit immediately in the potty, this usually causes the boy or girl to fear her and that will make your process is truncated and you probably end up buying another. First, let him approach, learn the new utensil and instinctively feel in it. If you want the space to be more eye-catching for him, you can add themed towels and toys in the sink.

To make it easier for your baby, you can also show him how to do it; at that age, the little ones seek to imitate their parents or the older ones in many things, so your demonstration can help them a lot.


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