5 unusual ways to burn calories you have to know

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There are many ways to burn calories and lose weight. Discover what they are and how they will keep you healthy

5 unusual ways to burn calories you have to know

Unfortunately, many people can not attend a gym or go to the park to run an exercise routine. However, eating healthy and training to exhaustion are not the only ways to burn calories. These activities will even seem unusual to you.

Here are five ways, not so conventional, to burn calories and stay healthy.

1. Go shopping

The rhythm of the supermarket, or the shopping centers, are a challenge that all people go through daily and do not value much. Facing the crowd, carrying all the bags, going from here to there, will surely keep your heart rate high. Just pushing a shopping cart through the aisles in a half hour estimate will burn more than 100 calories in your body and this number will increase when there are holidays, as there is a lot to buy. Genial Gurú indicates that "spending three hours buying equals approximately one hour of exercise on a stationary bike, with a result of 500 calories burned."

2. Exposing to the cold

Exposure to low temperatures can help increase the rate of your metabolism and stimulate the fat activity your body needs to lose. It has been shown that fat reserves in the body are composed of white fat and small amounts of brown fat, two types of body fat that have different functions. According to Life Health Doctor, "white fat promotes inflammation, insulin resistance, and storage of fat, whereas brown fat increases calorie burn and may be useful for weight loss and diabetes control".

So exposure to low temperatures can significantly increase calorie burning depending on the amount of active brown fat in the body. Some ways to get the benefits of cold exposure include reducing the temperature of air conditioners, taking cold showers and going for a walk when the environment is cold.

3. Clean

Believe it or not, domestic work is an effective physical activity to burn calories. When cleaning, the body can burn around 100 calories in just thirty minutes. Simple tasks such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming can help you have a healthier body. So if you need an excuse to keep your house well ordered, you already got it.

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4. Stay active

Uneasiness is one of the most subtle ways of having physical activities; moving your leg while sitting or just walking around the room can help you lose weight. Even less expected activities, such as touching your fingers on a table or fiddling with a pen, increase your metabolic rate.

Nutrición Eficaz explains that, in one study, it was shown that "people who moved while sitting or standing burned five to six times more calories, on average, than when they sat or stayed still." Not just body parts, but to take care of a task at home, to play guitar, or any activity that keeps you physically occupied, will help that metabolism to increase.

5. Gardening works

Some people ignore that gardening is a real exercise that, if done correctly, can help you burn enough calories to keep you healthy. According to Salud a mi manera, "When you perform gardening movements, you exercise your entire body, gardening incorporates many activities, including muscle stretching, weight lifting, and light intensity cardiovascular exercises." The repetitive tilt to mow the lawn or remove the weeds can be an intense session of squats for the thighs. Also while you move around the garden, it helps your heart rate rise and you sweat enough to consider it a very homemade extra exercise.


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