5 cases that show the sports crisis in Venezuela

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Unprecedented events are marking the Venezuelan sport, which continues to suffer the unstoppable political and economic crisis generated by the government of Nicolás Maduro

5 cases that show the sports crisis in Venezuela

The crisis that Venezuela is going through today is as undeniable as it is terrible. The country is submerged in total abandonment. Health, economy, food and security, are the main aspects that are hit today in the Caribbean country. What's more, nowadays the difficulties are so great that the sport is affected as well.

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We affirm this because we have seen carefully how new and surprising scandals arise linked to Venezuelan sport, which seems to be experiencing the most complicated moment in its history. Therefore, below we present the five most unusual events that have been made public during the last days, which are worth knowing in detail and thus be able to reflect.

Vinotinto-Givova controversy

Perhaps one of the biggest controversies that has arisen in recent times is the one that has to do with the Venezuelan senior soccer team, which recently changed clothing brand from the German house Adidas to the Italian Givova, until now unknown in Latin America

So disastrous was the change for the vinotinto, that Tomás Rincón himself, through his social networks @ tomasrincón5, denounced that surprisingly Givova, unable to have a uniform for one of the friendly duels of the Venezuelan cast, bought T-shirts from another house manufacturer and put the logos of their brand and the Venezuelan Football Federation to resolve and assume the commitment. "Not having shirts to play and stamping some they bought is regrettable, yours is shameful," said captain Vinotinto.

The most incredible thing about this case is that the FVF leadership, instead of communicating its rejection with Givova and dispensing with its services, only a few days after this impasse, was ratified for three more years as the official brand of the vinotinto and congratulated them done so far.

Sportsmen on trucks

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While applauding the effort of athletes to reach this and many of the meetings they attend, it is unfortunate and even insecure that they have to face this situation. An athlete moving by truck to his competitions? Yes, mainly at the regional level. There are thousands of athletes who resort to this means of transport to attend their competitions.

A government that does not help

The government of Nicolás Maduro has been in charge of doing politics with absolutely everything, even with achievements that are not his. A vivid example of this is the fact that it was presented a few days ago when the Carabobo state governor, Rafael Lacava, congratulated the criollo runner Génesis Romero after she won the gold medal in the 100 meter hurdles race of the South American Grand Prix. celebrated in Lima, Peru. "Carabobo is still a reference for Venezuelan sports. Long live the Carabobo of champions and champions forever "had written on his account instagram the governor through his personal network @ lacava10oficial.

However, there was a scandal when the athlete herself entered the comments of the publication of Lacava and refuted, "thanks for the publication but make no mistake. My triumph is not thanks to the government of Carabobo or the Ministry of Sports, because no entity, so far this year, has contributed even $ 1 for me to travel and compete. Everything has been paid out of my pocket. More than publishing, call me and contribute to the sport but really. I'm Genesis Romero. "

Unusual loan of uniforms to the rival

Another more striking fact that occurred a few days ago around the Venezuelan sport, occurred in a duel of the Professional Basketball League between Guaros de Lara and Llaneros de Guárico, after the home cast (Guaros), his rival not have a game uniform, lent his training clothes to the visitor (Llaneros) to be able to dispute the commitment.

Details through his Twitter account the journalist Eduardo Pino @ eduardopino18, that Llaneros players came to the league meeting without uniform, and had to use one of Guaros practices covering their logos with stickers. "I do not know what the real excuse is, but this is a real shame."

The last straw in the Pan American Cycling

And the height of the highs of the sport of this country was presented recently in the Pan-American Cycling Championship of route carried out in Hidalgo, Mexico. It turns out that, according to a cyclist of the national team who for safety preferred not to give his name, which was concentrated to a group for more than three weeks and, due to political protests that arose in the country, the team could not be transferred to said team. event. However, enormous was the surprise that took him and the other athletes, to learn that Eliezer Rojas, president of the Venezuelan Federation of Cycling (FVC), did manage to attend the sporting event.

"I ask myself, runner of selection, if we do not go the athletes, because the leader has to travel. Is it that the president of the FVC was going to ride a bike and defend the colors of Venezuela in the Pan-American? At least you should be ashamed and respect the frustration of the athletes being supportive and absent from the event, "said the anonymous athlete.


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