The incredible stories of teams that stayed at the gates of glory

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The recent cases of Leon in Mexico and Millionaires in Colombia bring to light some curiosities that are often experienced in the 'king sport'. Know what they are

Be the leader of a championship during many days and in the end to remain empty-handed: it is one of the many things that happen every day on the planet, with teams that are invincible but at the end of the tournament, when they must give the final stitch to reach the win, they are left with a great distaste.

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The most recent case occurred with Millonarios in the Colombian championship. The team led by the World Cup finalist Jorge Luis Pinto finished in the highest positions in the regular phase, in which he added 39 points, product of 11 wins and six draws. His closest pursuer was Deportivo Cali with 33 units.

However, the Bogota squad could not revalidate that good moment in the home runs and finished second, behind Deportivo Pasto. On the sixth day of the groups, 'Millos' fell at home against America de Cali and thus left everything to the nariñenses to advance to the grand final.

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Cali frustration

But this is not the first time this has happened in Latin American football, and even less in the Colombian one, which since 2002 decided to implement the system of two tournaments a year. A case that is still very much remembered, and that hurts for the fans of Valle del Cauca, occurred in that year. Review futbolred.com that Deportivo Cali was the absolute leader of the Finalization Tournament after culminating with 47 points, nine difference over the second: Pasture.

But as usual, the 'green and white' squad could not reconfirm that good moment in the home runs and finished second, leaving the final served to Independiente Medellín, who ultimately won the pastusos.

Leon and a huge disappointment

Another case, similar to that of Millionaires, recently occurred in Mexico, where the Lion Club led much of the tournament but could not celebrate the title. The portal juanfutbol.com highlighted the "good football" shown by the "felines" throughout the contest and the 41 points they had in the first phase after 17 games played, although they ended up empty-handed.

After that 'campañota' Leon agreed as a favorite to the Liguilla. In the quarterfinals, he got rid of Xolos de Tijuana and in the semifinals of America, but in the definition of the title he was less than Tigres after falling 1-0 in the overall score. What happened to Leon is not something new in Mexico. In fact, many fans have coined the phrase "the curse of the leader of the Superliga" for the continuous cases that have occurred of teams that lead much of the championship but do not end at the top of the scepter.

In this regard, Fox Sports Mexico made an interesting Top 10 where he describes some of the most resounding examples. There he mentions Xolos de Tijuana, who failed in the Apertura of 2016, Monterrey who did not celebrate in 2000 or Veracruz who failed in his bid to be champion in 2004.

But one of the most resounding cases, mentioned by the website, is that of Cruz Azul who has suffered five times from such a curse: being a leader during the tournament and failing to lift the trophy. This is what happened at the 2014 Clausura, Opening 2010, Opening 2006, Winter 2000 and Winter 1998.

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A hard blow for Boca

Finally, returning to the south of the continent, we stop in Argentina, where a particular case occurred in 2006, featuring the powerful Boca Juniors. The current runner-up of the Copa Libertadores faced the Apertura Tournament with high expectations, as he had come from a succession with Alfio Basile, which had allowed him to win two local championships, two Cups and one Copa Sudamericana, recalls the Argentine portal lanacion.com.ar .

The squad, now led by Ricardo La Volpe, despite the doubts of the beginning, was strengthened at the top of the positions, to the point that in the absence of two dates to conclude the tournament depended on getting a single point to shout champion. But the unthinkable happened, the catastrophe for Boca: the 'Xeneizes' fell to Belgrano de Córdoba and Lanús, while Estudiantes de La Plata took advantage of that debacle, reaping a win and a draw, and equaling Boca at the top.

In this way, the 'Pincha' and bosteros had to go to a tiebreaker game that was won by Estudiantes after a tight 2-1. The title to Boca escapes in an incredible way. On what could have happened, La Nación analyzes that "La Volpe inherited a Boca armed by its successful predecessor Alfio Basile, and instead of maintaining the scheme began to change things."

The incredible final lost by Boca against Estudiantes


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