Harry Potter Wizards Unite takes you to the magical world

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Are you a Harry Potter lover? With the new augmented reality game, you can enjoy yourself as if you were inside the magical world

Harry Potter Wizards Unite takes you to the magical world

The Harry Potter augmented reality game is here and is available for download on Android and iOS. The game is free and has the option of multiplayer, so you can play with all your friends Potterhead. Similar to Pokemon Go, the Harry Potter game has caused a sensation and thousands of people around the world are already catching magical creatures. In addition to meeting incredible fantastic animals, with the game you can cast spells, have duels with dark wizards and follow challenges from the magical world of JK Rowling.

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The argument of Harry Potter Wizards Unite is that the player must help recover artifacts and magical animals that can highlight the existence of wizards and witches before Muggles. These objects and creatures were spread all over the world by an official of the magic ministry. The player will catch all these objects and thus the magic world will be kept secret. But the adventure does not end there. As the player advances in the plot, he can become an Auror, elaborate potions and visit different places such as fortresses and inns.

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Some of the artifacts and creatures that the player will find are part of the original Harry Potter saga. For example, you can find the Quidditch cup and the Gryffindor sword and see one of Harry's friends: Rubeus Hagrid.


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The creators of the game expect it to become a global trend and reach the popularity of Pokemon Go in 2016. However, the game has already received criticism and warnings. Based on the experience of Pokemon, detractors have pointed out that it can be dangerous for players. According to The Times, people could enter dangerous areas and be robbed by unscrupulous people who see them with their cell phones in their hands. In addition, without realizing it, players could invade private property, cross motorways without due precaution and forget that they are playing in real streets.

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What does your cell phone need to download it?


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Even though the game is free, it is not compatible with all cell phones. According to the Cnet portal, to download Harry Potter Wizards Unite on an iPhone you need a 5S device or higher, the operating system must be iOS 10 or higher and at least must have 2GB of free storage to support the game.

For Android, the cell phone must have a 5.0 or higher operating system, it must have 2GB of RAM and 2GB of storage. In both cases, the cell phone must have an internet connection through WiFi, 3G or 4G. It is necessary that they have GPS and have compass sensors. Cnet emphasizes that if the team has been made root, it will not be compatible with the game.


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