Nick Caserio: with Patriots or with Texans?

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The personnel director of the current NFL champions has made headlines in the preseason by being in New England and Houston at about the same time

Nick Caserio y los logotipos de los New England Patriots y los Houston Texas
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Never before Nick Caserio was in the spot as now, not even in February, when the New England Patriots were crowned for the sixth time as champions of the National Football League (NFL).

In the first instance, the Patriots filed charges of forgery against the Texans for having sought Caseriowithout their authorization, to take over the general management of the Houston team following the dismissal of Brian Gaine. New England showed their dissatisfaction with the NFL by the fact that the Texans would have looked for their director of player personnel, who has been in charge since 2008 and who is an important piece for Bill Belichik.

According to Us. As, the accusations of the New England Patriots arose thanks to an alleged informal meeting that would have taken place between Caserio and Jack Easterby, collaborator of Texans, in full party of presentation that the 'Pats' offered in the previous one to the Super Bowl. In fact, Gaine was fired shortly afterward, which reinforced the belief that the Texans committed tampering and that the NFL could have punished them. A few weeks later, Caserio is closer to Houston than to New England. What changed in such a short time?

Direct Play points to the fact that Patriots executives have made an effort to keep Caserio in its operating organization. However, the US executive would have expressed his desire to abandon the NFL champion just before his last year of the contract. In Houston, they already want him.

Nick came to the New England organization in 2001, and there he started as a personal assistant working in scout positions, offensive coordinator of receivers, assistant of the offensive coach and, finally, director of personnel. The Texans would have indicated their ignorance of some clauses of Caserio's contract with the Patriots, and as soon as they heard about them, they would have given up looking for Caserio's services, Us.As.

After that, the Patriots made the decision to withdraw the charges that would be imposed on Houston, and, apart from that, Robert Kraft of the League, recognized the great job the Texans did to correct their error.

How did Houston get out of trouble? with the good work of Cal McNair, its CEO, who explained: "when we started the process to interview Nick Caserio, we consulted the league office several times and followed the procedures described in the league rules, but upon being informed of the terms of Nick's contract with Patriots, we informed Kraft that we would stop doing so," concluded US.As.

12Up noted that, despite New England's efforts to avoid contact, Caserio most wanted to leave the NFL champions and join in his new position as manager generates the team whose logo is "the Solitary Star", after 18 years in the Patriots, winning six titles since 2001. This medium reiterated the theory that New England expects the leader to fulfill the remaining year of his contract with them, and that he can join Texas in 2020 without any contractual binding.


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