Do not believe in myths and other 7 tips for new moms

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Receiving the news that you will be a mother for the first time can produce fear and happiness at the same time. These tips will guide you in this new stage

Pregnant woman sitting on a street.

Pregnant woman sitting on a street. / Reference image / Pixabay

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Congratulations! You will be a mother for the first time. You may now navigate a sea of emotions and feel overwhelmed and happy at the same time. To help you in this new stage, LatinAmerican Post brings you 7 tips that will help you in your new facet.

1. Consult your obstetrician

As soon as you have the results of the blood test that confirm the news, get in touch with a professional to accompany you and guide you through this process. This person must be qualified to be able to accompany you during pregnancy and advise you from a professional perspective.

The doctor will be in charge of monitoring the growth and development of the baby and the evolution of your health. This is why it is so important that from the beginning you have a trained professional in the area.


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2. Do not believe in myths

Around pregnancy, there are countless myths that can cause you doubts and anguish. To avoid misinformation and unnecessary stress, you should always validate any question with your obstetrician or gynecologist.


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3. Listen to your body

If you feel sick and experience symptoms such as fever and bleeding, go immediately to the health center where you are taking control of your pregnancy. Home remedies may help you, but it will always be better to see a doctor.


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4. Yes, you can exercise

There is a rumor that pregnancy is synonymous with physical inactivity. However, exercising moderately and monitored by a professional will help you to carry out a healthy process. By exercising you can prevent excessive weight gain, diseases such as gestational diabetes and muscle aches such as back pain.

As with the previous tips, consult a specialist to make sure you or your baby are not hurt.


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5. Don't press for weight

Gaining weight during pregnancy is part of the experience. Doing it in a healthy way will be part of you eating a balanced diet and doing physical activity. Control the kilos you gain with the specialist who is treating you.


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6. Hormonal changes are real

You will have lapses in which your emotions change unexpectedly and this will cause physical and mood changes. The hormonal load will vary throughout pregnancy depending on the needs of each period in which you are. It is important that you know that it is normal to go through periods of tiredness, irritation and stomach ailments.


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7. You are not alone

The pregnancy is not only of the mother, but it is also of the father and you can share it with your friends and family. Having a support network will make this stage even happier. In addition, you will have people with whom to share your worries, fears, joys, and transformations.

You can also look for support groups that are attended by people in your same situation and with whom you feel more comfortable sharing your feelings.


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8. Prepare for the arrival of your baby

During pregnancy, you can buy the items that the baby will need and fix the room where he will sleep. Make sure you have a suitcase ready for the birth day that includes two changes of clothes, diapers and a blanket. In that suitcase, you should also include what you might need as toiletries and pajamas.