Delcy Rodríguez also presented false news at the UN

In recent days, President Iván Duque delivered a dossier with fake photographs. What did the Venezuelan vice president present?

Delcy Rodríguez, Vice President of Venezuela.

Delcy Rodríguez, Vice President of Venezuela. / Photo: NTN24.com

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A day after the controversial speech of Colombian President Iván Duque, in her presentation to the General Assembly of the United Nations, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodríguez delivered false data of what would be the coordinates of three camps located in Colombia. According to Rodríguez, in those three points, terrorists supposedly train to attack Venezuela.

The vice president said that the three camps were located in these coordinates:

  1. Santa Marta: “eleven degrees, fourteen minutes, nineteen seconds north. Seventy-nine degrees, six minutes fifteen seconds west."
  2. Riohacha: "eleven degrees, thirty-two minutes three seconds from the north. Seventy-five degrees fifty-five minutes fourteen seconds from the west.
  3. Maicao: "eleven degrees, twenty-two minutes, thirty-nine seconds to the north. Seventy-two degrees, thirteen minutes fifty-eight seconds to the west."

Before Rodriguez's statements, AFP requested the transcript of the speech delivered on September 27 and confirmed the coordinates given by the Vicepresident. The news agency verified that Rodriguez did indeed deliver such information in her speech.

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Additionally, when searching the coordinates through the Google Maps satellite, they found that the first two are in the Colombian territorial sea miles away from the mainland and the third does correspond to a construction.

However, that third location would not belong to a terrorist camp either. AFP was not the only media that denied Rodriguez's claims and in the September 29 broadcast, Noticias Uno, a program broadcast in Colombia, explained that an NGO called Save The Children operates in the coordinates of Maicao. Luz Alcira Granada, director of Political Incidence and Communications of Save The Children in Colombia, confirmed the information.

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To deliver a part of tranquility, the NGO published a statement saying that "we want to give peace of mind to public opinion that our action seeks only to promote and defend the rights of children and adolescents affected by humanitarian situations."

In this way, AFP and Noticias Uno verified that the data is not real and that the camps reported by Delcy Rodríguez are not in those coordinates.

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