WWE: top 5 moments of The Rock

After more than two years of absence, the highest paid Hollywood star, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, announced through his Twitter account his return to wrestling.

Dwayne Johnson on his return to WWE.

Dwayne Johnson on his return to WWE. / Photo: instagram.com/therock

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"The Rock", named as one of the sexiest men on the planet, began his career as a fighter in 1996 and along with this, he was crowned as Champion of the Three Crowns. According to Ten Minutes, the actor achieved the triumph of "ten World Championships, was twice crowned WWE Intercontinental Champion, five times World Champion in Couples and winner of the Royal Rumble 2000".

In addition, and following the celebration of the twenty years of the 'Smackdown', the most popular WWE program, several legendary stars made their appearance in the ring as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan.

The fact that the US network FOX bought the rights of Smackdown Live, worth US$ 205 million per year, was also celebrated; in a five-year contract, according to Inquirer. The same media states that the show attracted "almost 2.1 million viewers to the USA Network."

The Friday Night Smackdown began on October 4, in a fight where The Rock made a spectacular appearance. According to Fox, The Rock, and helped by Becky Lynch, "put Baron Corbin in his place, leaving him on the canvas and saying goodbye with a" Hello, Smackdown. You can smell what 'The Rock' is cooking. "

The next meeting will be held today, October 11. At noon, the WWE will make an important announcement "that will serve prior to the Friday Night Smackdown episode." As if that were not enough, fans will show a new Draft, a process where stars that participate in Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown are exchanged during the season.

The best moments of La Roca

In LatinAmerican Post, we could not miss the opportunity to remember the best moments in The Rock's career, and here we show you.

1. His WWE debut

Johnson, who initially debuted under the name of Rocky Mavia, climbed onto the canvas for a traditional game, without any announcement. That night, at Madison Square Garden, Mavia presented a two-on-one handicap.

According to Bleach Report, Mavia "fought the attack of Goldust and Crushes to win the game for his team." The Rock was the last man in the ring, giving his team the victory, consisting of Barry Windham, Marc Mero and Jake Roberts. That night the public saw the birth of a star.

2. Six seconds

That was the time it took for The Rock to win a fight. The incident occurred before 100,000 people at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Texas. The opponent, Erick Rowan, could not do anything after the actor, almost immediately left him lying on the canvas. At the signal of referee, Rowan literally rolled out of the ring.

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3. The Rock VS Hogan

Hulk Hogan, a WWE legend, is also recognized for participating in the 2005 VH1 reality show, Hogan knows Best . Well, in the WrestleMania X8 a historical moment was evident between a legend and a superstar, since The Rock did not let himself be intimidated by Hogan's movements.

That night, The Rock dropped “The People Elbow” (the elbow of the People), a famous Johnson movement, to keep the victory. Thanks to this fight he finally earned his status as an icon.

4. Against Dinner

In WrestleMania 28, held in 2012, the now Hollywood star returned to WWE. This time, the fight was with the famous John Cena, which brought “more than 1.2 million pay purchases per event, setting a new WWE record,” according to Muscle and Fitness. And as in any good first half, a year later the two fighters faced each other again.

For edition 28, the actor showed signs of oxidation during the fight. However, after 30 minutes of fighting, The Rock imposed himself over Cena.

5. His eighth title

After a dramatic fight between The Rock and CM Punk, listed for many fans as a war, where there were interventions, blackouts, etc. The Rock seemed to have his opponent in the latter, however, the lights of the enclosure were gone and from one moment to another The Rock appeared lying out of the ring.

Thanks to the intervention of WWE President Vince McMahon, the game was restarted and The Rock claimed his eighth title as WWE Champion.

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