Peru: what is the social and economic package about?

After the closing of the Congress, the Peruvian government announced a package that includes economic recovery.

President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra.

President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra. / Photo: Pixabay

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Last Wednesday, October 30, Peruvian Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos announced that US $ 270 million will be allocated to address some of the most urgent needs of citizens. In his speech, the official said that “we generate policies to meet urgent needs, plans that allow us to design the medium and long term, so as not to be left alone at the juncture (...) so that those plans and projects become a reality and allow to improve the daily life of Peruvians ”.

Reuters described these measures as an "ambitious package of social and economic recovery in a work plan after the dissolution of Congress and amid protests in South America against free-market agendas of its leaders."

What are the new measures?

The package would focus on completing citizens' health coverage. Additionally, Zeballos announced the approval of a decree that will allow Peruvians to have access to generic drugs in any pharmacy.

Amid the corruption scandals that have rocked Peru, the package also includes a decree that will reactivate the paralyzed infrastructure works and that have been affected precisely by this scourge.

Within the package of measures, the prime minister also referred to the increase in the minimum wage. The increase, which would occur next year, will be due to the cost of real life of the Inca country. In addition, the pensions for retirees would also rise.

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Finally, another decree, exposed as "urgent", "will allow prior control over mergers and corporate acquisitions, in order to protect free competition and" above all "the rights and interests of consumers and even investors", according to Reuters.

The government will receive suggestions and comments

On October 30, the digital platform Participa was also presented, which “is a space to foster the collaboration of all Peruvians in achieving the country's objectives. This is the first result, in beta, of the Government and Digital Transformation Laboratory and seeks to take advantage of digital technologies to promote spaces for dialogue and direct interaction between citizens, civil society, the private sector, and the State ”.

Peruvians may submit their reports of corruption, request access to public information, check the performance of state entities, among other things.

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