Why you must experience St. Barts Villas at least once in your lifetime

Planning your next vacation to St. Barts is much easier when you find a great place to stay.

Hut near the beach

Hut near the beach. / Photo: Unsplash - Reference image

Cathy Carter

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A nice villa will give you access to all the beautiful things that the island has to offer. You can try all the items listed below to make your vacation special, and you can use your villa as a way of hosting to most epic party/vacation you could imagine.

Villas are large

You will find luxury St. Barts villas for rent that allow you to take advantage of several amenities. The villas are so large that you can sleep almost a dozen people. In some cases, the villas are so big that you can have over 12 people in the house at the same time.

Typical St. Barts villas for rent have several bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a full kitchen, and street access. You may even have a game room with a pool table, or there might be a pool on the property.

Ask about an ocean view

St. Barts villas sometimes sit very close to the beach. A luxury villa may offer private beach access, umbrellas, or even a tent. The beach that you sit on every day will be much quieter than the beach at a resort, and you could hire servers for the day who will cater to your every need while you are at the beach.

Some people like to start at the pool, and you can bring your beverages from the pool to the beach as you sun and enjoy the ocean air.

You may host parties in the house

The villa that you rent should be large enough for parties. Because this is such a popular tourist destination, you can easily invite friends and colleagues over for a party. Some companies even host their meetings and conferences in beach villas. The kitchen provides ample room for making and serving food. Plus, you may have servers you have hired for the day who will help.

Hire a private chef

You can hire a private chef for your trip who will prepare every meal, cater your parties, and keep you comfortable. A top chef can create special drinks that you will adore, create special dishes that you have requested, or surprise you with food that you have never tried before.

If you want to live like a star, you should hire a chef and host as many events as possible.

Street access to shops and restaurants

You have street access to shops and restaurants near your villa because you are not inside a resort. Plus, you may be close to five-star restaurants or luxury boutiques in a hub like Gustavia. When you are eating in these places or shopping in fine stores, you will go home with amazing gifts and experiences.

Plus, street access allows you to try food from street vendors, meet street musicians, and get a car to go back to the airport.

You might meet some stars

Movie stars, musicians, and jet-setters have been vacationing in St. Barts for some time. You might run into Jay-Z or Beyoncé with their children. Gwen Stefani might pass you on the street, or you might have Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen staying in the villa next door.

If you are particular about your booking, you might rent a villa that has been used by stars in the past. There is something magical about staying in the same place that hosted Jon Bon Jovi or Miranda Kerr.

St. Barts beaches

If you love marine life, you can go to St. Barts Marine Park. That experience will be wonderful for the kids. However, you may want to try all the beaches around this island until you find your favorite.

Gustavia has its own beach and harbor that you can walk to from the shops. Shell Beach looks like a hidden cove that is flanked by lush forests. Gouverneur Beach is a bit farther away from most hotels and villas, but it is very private. You might feel like you are stranded on this little piece of heaven. Toiny Beach is popular with surfers, or you could go there to get your first lesson.

Saline Beach is the place where you are most likely to find nude sunbathers, and the two Cul de Sac beaches offer protected bays that are fun to swim in. You might try to visit them all during your trip. Plus, you can go back to your villa at the end of a long tanning session for a nap.


Visiting St. Barts should be a luxurious adventure that includes a villa filled with friends, a private chef, and many parties. You can shop in luxury boutiques in Gustavia, or you can ride to Toiny Beach for surfing. Plus, you might see a few stars on your trip who might even let you take a quick picture.