Top 7 prerformances of the MTV EMA 2019

The MTV European Awards landed for the first time, on November 3, in Seville, Spain. The ceremony was conducted by the popular reggaeton singer Becky G, and the female talent was responsible for making dance and sing not only the audience but also millions of viewers, who enjoyed the popular ceremony from their homes.

Presentation of Dua Lipa during the MTV EMA 2019.

Presentation of Dua Lipa during the MTV EMA 2019. / Photo: mtvema.com

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The awards, held at the Conference and Exhibition Center, gave Taylor Swift as a winner twice: as Best Act of the United States and as Best Video for the song ME !, performed alongside Brendon Urie de Panic! At the Disco.

On the other hand, the Canadian Shawn Mendes won the Best Artist award and the popular singers Billie Eilish took home two prizes: Best New Artist and Best Song, thanks to 'bad guy'. After finishing a world tour and returning from a well-deserved rest, the popular South Korean group BTS won the award for Best Live Act and the Biggest Fans, for its fanclub.

But if you missed it, in LatinAmerican Post we bring you the best presentations of this great gala.

1. Dua Lipa

The popular singer, who make us dancing to the rhythm of 'New Rules' or 'One Kiss', opened the show by presenting her new song 'Don't Start Know' for the first time live. The presentation, characterized by many dancers dressed in yellow while she stood out dressed in black, set the rod high for the following presentations of the night.

2. Niall Horan

This former member of the popular English band 'One Direction' took the stage to perform his most recent song entitled 'Nice to Meet Ya'. His presentation was one of the most applauded and was noted for being one of the first since the Irish finished his world tour last year.

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3. Becky G

As expected, the host of the ceremony had her time to sing her best hits. In this way, the 22-year-old American, and who recently premiered her first album entitled 'Mala Santa', took the stage twice. In the first performance, she act together with Akon, singing the song 'Como no'.

While in the second presentation she sang several of her successes as' Mayores' 'Sin Pajama' and '24 -7 '. There is no doubt that the popular singer put more than one to dance.

4. Liam Gallagher

The popular English singer, recognized for being part of the popular band Oasis, closed the night at the hands of 'Once' and 'Wonderwall', the latter being accompanied by a choir. The artist was nominated and awarded in the category 'Rock Icon Award', this being the first time it is awarded.

5. Halsey

The American singer, nominated for three awards, took two awards at night. The first as Best Look and the other as Best Pop Artist. Well, the popular singer for songs like 'Him and I', 'Castle' 'Closer', presented 'Graveyard' in a performance characterized by nature and an attempt to contemporary dance by the singer.

6. NCT 127

It is no secret that K-pop, a popular genre from South Korea, is gradually taking over the western world. Well, the genre was not only represented by the awards given to BTS, but by the presentation of NCT 127 one of the SM Entertainment company groups. In this way, the group, consisting of 8 members, presented their most recent song 'Highway to Heaven'.

7. Rosalia

No doubt she was the star of the night. The Spanish won the award for best collaboration for the song 'Con Altura' in which she sings with J Balvin and El Guincho. During her presentation several dancers danced in front of popular flamenco songs such as 'Say my name', I think of you look and 'Cositas del hoy'. No doubt Rosalia took flamenco to another level with her wonderful performance.

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