Los Cabos Film Festival is all about women

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This year 43% of the program will be directed by women, according to Alejandra Pauli, one of the festival directors.

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Los Cabos International Film Festival promotes the dialogue and cultural and commercial exchange of the North American film industry with the rest of the world. This year it will be held from November 13 to 17 and gender parity issues are a top priority in the event's agenda. 

According to Rpp, organizers reported that the Film Festival is the first space to announce a program against harassment and will implement a code of conduct for the team, guests and public.

As read on "El Universal", this year the event will have a strong presence of female directors, producers, and actresses. According to Alejandra Pauli, 43% of the program will be directed by women.

The "Fantastic Women" #MujeresFantásticas initiative, which aims for women visibility in the film industry, was also announced. Among its activities "Fantastic Women" includes the delivery of recognition to Yalitza Aparicio, spokeswoman for the campaign. 

Yalitza, recognized for her participation in the Rome film, in which she plays Cleo, a work directed by Alfonso Cuarón in 2018, will hold a conversation with Chilean actress Daniela Vega about the urgency of creating new inclusive spaces inside and outside the cinema industry. 


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"Our intention with this recognition is to open spaces for the encounter with a woman as an impulse for a greater and urgent effort in inclusion and parity inside and outside the cinema," said the organizers. 

"We call for the creation of more stories with a gender perspective, including complex and diverse female characters, as well as better conditions for women to be able to work in the different technical and creative areas of the film industry", added Miriam Jiménez, press manager. 

A new section called "HerStory" was also announced. It includes the screening of three films about woman: "The Kingmaker", a documentary about Imelda Marcos; “Proxima”, where a female astronaut is selected for a mission prepared by the International Space Station as a stopover for the first manned mission to Mars and “Radioactive”, centered on the life of Marie Curie, but extended towards her complex and beautiful relationship with her husband.

As read on El Informador, the cinematographer Ellen Kuras will be honored with the tribute to excellence in cinematography. She is recognized for works such as "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind", "Blow", among others. 

Another of the highest-profile activities of Los Cabos will be the "journalists Women in cinema and culture: conquered territories" panel, which aims to showcase the work of women in the film journalism field. Finally, a panel on the vision of women in the seventh art called "extraordinary looks", will feature the presence of important world-class cinematographers.

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