These are the properties of El Chapo that were auctioned

These are the 3 houses of Chapo Guzmán that the Mexican government sold for $ 4.3 million pesos

Chapo Guzmán property auction.

Chapo Guzmán property auction. / Photo: EFE

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El Chapo Guzmán keeps making headlines, even while in jail. Who was one of the most powerful drug traffickers of the last decades, leading the Sinaloa Cartel, today is imprisoned in the United States purging a life sentence for more than 30 years for drug trafficking and other crimes.

This time, the Mexican narco returns to the media scene with the auction of 3 of its properties. Last Sunday, November 10, the López Obrador government, through the Property Administration and Disposal Service (SAE), sold 3 properties located in Culiacán. According to the newspaper Reforma, $ 4,359,550 of Mexican pesos were raised, equivalent to USD $223709.

According to Infobae, these were the auctioned properties:

  1. House located in “# 130 of Río Humaya Street, in Guadalupe neighborhood, and was auctioned at 2 million 54,783 pesos”.
  2. "The second house is located at # 1126 on Javier Mina Street, in the Los Pinos neighborhood, and was sold for 1 million 240,000 pesos."
  3. The last property is located in “Puerto de Veracruz # 1647, in the El Vallado neighborhood, for which 1 million 64,767 pesos were paid”.

For sale, there were 3 other properties. However, there was no buyer for these properties, so they were declared as desert lots.

The SAE, through its Twitter account, reported that the sum of money raised will go to acquire musical instruments in Oaxaca.



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Properties of two Colombian narcos

The life of drug traffickers arouses passions and curiosity. This is why their properties, once these capos are captured or discharged, become tourist or memory places.

In Colombia, for example, where the 80s and 90s were characterized by the rise of drug cartels in Medellin and Cali, the properties of the deceased or imprisoned capos have become tourist attractions or are falling apart.

The Hacienda Napóles of the late Pablo Escobar is today a theme park that offers hotel service, water attractions, and a wildlife sanctuary. Visitors can enjoy all this and more by purchasing tickets ranging from $ 45,000 COP to $ 133,500 COP (USD $ 13 - US $ 39).

Another of Escobar's flagship properties was the Monaco Building, located in Medellín. On February 22, the building was demolished after it was abandoned for years. The building had become a mandatory stop in the so-called narcotours. What was the fort of the Medellín Cartel will become a monument for drug trafficking victims.

Another example is the properties of alias el Mexicano. The drug trafficker who accumulated different properties throughout Colombia had farms and houses that occupied large lands. Most of them today are in ruins and some have been auctioned. One of the most emblematic buildings is located in the Chicó neighborhood, one of the most prestigious in the Colombian capital. The house, whose land is 5000 square meters, was auctioned in 2016.

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