Why did the streets of Mexico fill with foam?

The area of Puerto Sánchez Magallanes, in Tabasco, was covered by an unusual marine foam

Foam wave that was presented in the area of Puerto Sánchez Magallanes, in Tabasco.

Foam wave that was presented in the area of Puerto Sánchez Magallanes, in Tabasco. / Photo: twitter.com

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The streets of Puerto Sánchez Magallanes, Tabasco, were filled with an unusual foam, which caused havoc and concern in the population. The foam was so dense that it seemed that the place was full of thick clouds. According to the National Water Commission (Conagua), the unusual phenomenon was due to the cold front 12 that caused swells of 3 meters high and winds with speed exceeding 60 km per hour.

The foam, according to Infobae, is presented "by the agitation of seawater and contains high concentrations of dissolved organic matter." The waves stir the water and when mixed with organic matter bubbles are created that stick due to surface tension. The Civil Protection of Tabasco assured that the foam was dragged due to the strong winds from the north.

In statements collected by El Sol de México, witnesses reported that the foam began arriving around 3:00 am, just as the cold front entered the area. The foam dissipated around noon.

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The institute, through its Twitter account, said that heavy rains are expected in different regions such as Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz, Tabasco, among others. The cold front brings heavy rains, mists and a strong cold sensation.

At the moment, the control agencies have not reported affectations.

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