6 movies to watch on protest days

In these days of protest, we bring you this list of ideal movies to watch and reflect on the social manifestation.

Posters of the films 'Selma', 'The night of pencils' and 'Dreamers'.

Posters of the films 'Selma', 'The night of pencils' and 'Dreamers'. / Photos: sensacine.com

LatinAmerican Post | Juliana Rodríguez Pabón

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Latin America is going through days of tireless social protest. The cinema has never been slow to react to this and to reflect on the nature of the protest and the popular demonstration, this list brings together some of the films that do.

V for Vendetta (2005)

It is set in a dystopian fictional future in which there is a fascist totalitarian regime. An anarchist who seeks the freedom of the people rescues a young worker who can witness his plans for the revolution.

Suffragists (2015)

A working woman joins the suffragist movement that takes place in England during the 1920s. A feminist and inspiring film about this movement that finally won the female vote.

The night of the pencils (1986)

This Argentine film recounts the events that took place during what would later be called the night of pencils, in which there were a series of disappearances and murders of high school students in La Plata in 1976 during the military dictatorship.

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Milk (2008)

This movie tells the story of Harvey Milk's campaign to be a member of the San Francisco Board of Servers. He gives an account of the atmosphere in this city in the 1970s and offers a look at the personal life of Milk himself, who would later be the first openly gay man to hold a public position in the United States.

Selma (2014)

Reflect on the struggle for civil rights led by Dr. Martin Luther King. It does so from the specific perspective of the historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. It is a good kind of black history of the United States as well as inspiring for the days of protest.

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Dreamers (2003)

Acclaimed director Bernardo Bertolucci brings to the big screen a cry for freedom and a call to rebellion. Take the backdrop of the student demonstrations of May 68 in Paris and take a look at the atmosphere of revolution but also of repression during this historic month and these famous protests that would later become a worldwide phenomenon.