Again, an entrepreneur goes for the presidency in the US

Michael Bloomberg, a media mogul, has announced that he will launch as a Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

Michael R. Bloomberg

Michael R. Bloomberg / Photo: flickr.com/Rubenstein

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Less than a year after the elections, little is known about which candidates will try to prevent Donald Trump from going for his second term. But what has been confirmed recently is the candidacy of Michael Bloomberg, renowned entrepreneur owner of Bloomberg LP.

“Job creator. Leader. Problem solver". This is how Bloomberg has called himself to start his campaign. With the motto, Let's Rebuild America (United States), the entrepreneur has undertaken a direct competition against Donald Trump and in his campaign he shows himself as "a new option for the Democrats."

“I'm running for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America,” said Bloomberg. 

In his speech he also assured that the United States cannot continue four more years with Trump and his unethical policies: "If he wins another term in office, we may never recover from the damage," he said.

A country “where the wealthy will pay more taxes and the struggling middle class will get their fair share. And jobs that just allow you to get by will become jobs that let you get ahead” says the propaganda video with which he opened his campaign. His career in the world of business and finance, he said, is the key to demonstrating his ability. But to these, philanthropy and its past experience in governance are added.

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Among the points that highlighted keys for the United States are:

- Fight against an economy that negatively affects the majority of US citizens.

- An expensive health system that does not cover all citizens.

- Fight against firearms

- Quality education focused on technological development

- A "cruel and dysfunctional" immigration system

- Climate crisis

- Groups that corrupt Washington with personal interests and prevent progress

Who is Michael Bloomberg?

Anyone who has a relationship with the world of finance or the media, or both, has undoubtedly heard that name. The 77-year-old American forged a career around finance that later led him to diversify and become a media mogul.

Bloomberg LP, a company of which he is CEO and owner, has expanded to diversify into different sectors. The company not only has financial services, but it is also a means of communicating fundamental economic issues on the world stage. It has software that, among other things, provides financial data used in the global market. Both it's strictly financial and media services exist in different formats.

Thus, Michael Bloomberg has been able to become one of the most important figures of Wall Street and, at the same time, of the media. Therefore, according to the Forbes ranking of 2018, the entrepreneur has a net worth of US $ 50 billion, making him the richest 11th person in the world. According to AP, its companies throughout the world, present in 69 countries, employ more than 19,000 people.

Philanthropist and politician

Finance and the mass media are not the only characteristics by which the last name Bloomberg has stood out. Impossible not to recognize especially for New Yorkers, Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York City for three periods, at one of the most critical times for that city and for the entire United States.

The attack on the Twin Towers and their action in front of them was the terrain that ended up giving it the mayor's office in 2002. In its periods in the mayor's office, it highlighted the flag of inclusion and the fight against the NRA (National Rifle Association). He has also fought for decent employment, not only in his periods in the mayor's office creating employability programs but as an entrepreneur whose company, as already said, employs more than 19,000 people.

He was part of the Republican Party until 2017, although he was recognized as a center politician and since 2017 he was independent. Now he is a candidate for the Democratic Party, which he was not part of until last year, says AP.

Social policies were not only part of his life as mayor, but in his personal life, Bloomberg has been championed by dozens of political causes. Therefore, among other actions, it has provided higher education to young people who cannot afford it and seeks to protect the environment, undertaking a fight against fossil fuels.

One of the reasons why Bloomberg does not attract attention in some sectors is, precisely, his purchasing power, because, being a businessman, he could have conflicts of interest throughout his candidacy and, even more, during his presidency if he won. For now, it has already begun to be felt in the United States because, according to CNN, it has already made available US $ 37 million for television political propaganda, which gives a good boost to other possible opponents, focusing also on some decisive centers in the elections like the city of Miami, and the states Ohio and North Carolina.

However, to his defense, he has that in his periods as mayor he showed a disinterest for money or other benefits from politics, such as declining his salary during the mayor's office and living in his own house in Upper East Side Manhattan instead of moving to The Gracie Mansion

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