The Man In The High Castle: The Farewell of the Nazis from the small screen

The world created from the work of Philip K. Dick comes to an end as its fourth season was just released on Amazon Prime.

Screenshot of Amazon Prime Video's 'The man in the high castle' trailer.

Screenshot of Amazon Prime Video's 'The man in the high castle' trailer. / Photo: youtube.com/amazonprimevideo

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We have all ever wondered what would happen in our lives or in the world if an event had been different. Imagine what would happen if America and Europe had not met, if the USSR continued to exist or if the Nazis had won World War II, it is a universe of possibilities that blows anyone's imagination. Of these possibilities, it is that it nourishes 'The Man In The High Castle' , the production of Amazon Studios that has come to an end in its fourth season and that is already available in Prime.

'The Man In The High Castle'

After three successful seasons, Amazon Studios' multi-award-winning flagship series comes to an end with the premiere of its fourth installment. The performances of Rufus Sewell, Alexa Dávalos, Luke Kleintank, Rupert Evans, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and Joel de la Fuente have created decisive characters on all three sides (Japanese, German and resistance) and left us in the third season on the edge of the seat hoping to know the outcome of this story.


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For those who have not yet seen the series, it should be noted that the series is based on the book ' The Man In The High Castle' by Philip K. Dick, however it has long since ceased to resemble the original text as the Spanish newspaper ' El Periódico' emphasizes. In this book, Dick imagines and redesigns the world from a premise that causes nerves: the Nazis were victorious in World War II. In addition to taking Europe without a problem, they give themselves the luxury of dividing the territory of the United States with the Japanese Empire.

Much of what happened in the "real" world also occurs there, but with other protagonists, for example, the Cold War occurs between Germans and Japanese who live in constant tension, there is also a remarkable ambiguity of the Japanese with the theme of Jews. To top it off, espionage is another recurring theme, because as a good American story there is a resistance in the shadows that fight for the memory of a free country, using infiltration and plans to light the fuse of the revolution.

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One of the things that attract the attention of the series are the visual effects, which has allowed us to see what the world of ' The Man In The High Castle' looks like, we can see the city of Berlin that Hitler imagined, a city of San Francisco that looks like any small neighborhood in Tokyo or a futuristic New York City, with supersonic airplanes and other striking artifacts but at the same time with the swastika embodied everywhere as commonplace.


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The "secret ingredient" of the story

It seems like a common story, a simple imaginative exercise about reality, but there is an extra ingredient in this story that has characterized it: reality is not what it seems. There is a series of tapes that "The man in the castle" has and that show that the Nazis did not win the war, that there is some anomaly in the reality that the protagonists begin to discover as the story progresses, to the degree that the Nazis achieve to create a portal to other realities as well as the same Spanish newspaper.


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The production of the series has managed to integrate this science fiction element congruently, it is not for less, who developed the series is Frank Spotnitz, emerged from the world of X-Files. Thus, each episode creates many unknowns to the viewer: what is the role of the tapes and what do they really mean? Until the third season, we have seen the internal politics of the Germans, fighting to know who will hold the power after Hitler's death and where they will lead to the Reich. The Japanese for their part prepare for war, they know that the Germans are on the lookout.

And although the series seemed to go further than expected, Amazon announced last February that this fourth installment would be the last one according to the newspaper, However, which could be interpreted as a closing at the right time and not an abrupt end, with the experience of the final precipitate of Game of Thrones in tow, the series will try to answer all its unknowns and close its various plots in a satisfactory way to close a work that has had good acceptance of criticism, although in the end not so many of the spectators . We will finally know if the Nazis, the Japanese will win or if there is something hidden that will radically change history.