Paraguayan football classic match ended up with bites

The most recent unfortunate event due to the lack of fair play on the most popular sports fields in Latin America was in Paraguay when the classic Cerro Porteño versus Olimpia was played, two historical rivals who do not keep a drop of sweat on their bodies when they deserve the T-shirt is about.

Fernando Amorebieta bites his rival at the end of the classic between Olimpia and Cerro.

Fernando Amorebieta bites his rival at the end of the classic between Olimpia and Cerro. / Photo: youtube.com/futbolero2012

LatinAmerican Post | Alberto Castaño

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Fernando Amorebieta, a Hispanic - Venezuelan player who plays as a defender in Cerro Porteño, faced with the impossibility of controlling striker Néstor Camacho, who had been bitterly defending the defender and braiding himself to win favorable positions, decided to bite his head in the middle of the game , in the eyes of the referee and in a play in which they were not contesting possession of the ball.

The result of the action was the fulminant expulsion for the two; The referee Julio Quintana did not hesitate a single moment to show the red card to each one. Amorebieta, putting her hands on her waist with a disengaged air pretending to convince that she didn't know what had happened.

On the other hand, Camacho wallowed on the floor giving tumbles of pain or histrionism, it did not matter, in the same way, he had to leave the game that Olimpia won comfortably 4 by 2 against Cerro Porteño that with that result said goodbye to the possibilities of title during this year while his rival reached 44 points with only 12 left to play and more closely caressing the fourth consecutive title.

A game without a doubt of protagonists, not only for the bite, but also for the feat of Roque Santacruz who, with 38 years of age being the veteran player of a thousand battles of the Paraguayan team, managed to be the scorer of the four goals with those that Olympia struck with authority against its arch-rival.

But not only Amorebieta has been the protagonist of the events in which the players who should delight with their feet, use their teeth to face their rivals. The talented player of Barcelona of Spain, the Uruguayan Luis Suarez became more famous for his bites than for his talent as an athlete.

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Perhaps on the occasion in which the lack of fair play by the Uruguayan stood out most was in the match played between Italy and the selection of the Latin American country in which Suarez bites the defender Chiellini before the cameras around the world.

On that occasion, FIFA was resounding and forceful with the penalty. There were nine suspension dates for being found guilty of "having attacked another player" and for "having committed an offense to sportsmanship against another player."

Apart from the nine dates on which he could not even enter the stadiums where the Uruguayan team was playing, the fine amounted to 100,000 Swiss francs.

And despite the fact that many considered the penalty imposed on the star player of the Uruguayan team at the excessive moment, FIFA surely took into consideration that this was not the first time Suárez used his teeth to "play football". Already in the Dutch league, in a classic between Ajax and PSV he had nibbled the Dutch player Otman Bakkal and then in the Premier League, playing with Liverpool, he also used his teeth against the player Branislav Ivanović of Chelsea, at that time they were 10 suspension dates.

But returning to the case of Amorebieta, current player of Cerro Porteño and formerly signed by Athletic in Spain, perhaps, he learned those “bad tricks” when in 2016, the French footballer Souleymane Doukara of Leeds United bit him in the middle of the game, carrying him, French, a two date suspension.

But beyond who the teacher has been, whether the popular boxer Mike Tyson, the Uruguayan talented Luis Suarez or the Tyrannosaurus rex of Jurassic Park, the truth is that the 'Fair Play' demands that you play with your feet and not compromising the teeth.