Historical convictions of priests for sexual abuse

Nicola Corradi and Horacio Corbacho were not only priests but abused children in Mendoza Argentina during the years 2005 and 2016.

Priest holding the bible.

Priest holding the bible. / Photo: Pexels

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Nicola Corradi and Horacio Corbacho will go down in history as two men who decided to dedicate their lives to God through the priesthood and that parallel to their ecclesiastical dedication, also dedicated themselves to abusing children in Mendoza Argentina during the years 2005 and 2016. But in case If this execrable fact were not enough, those children who were abused by these two representatives of God on earth had hearing disabilities.

Corradi was born in Próvolo in Verona 84 years ago and it was in that same city where this spiritual guide sexually assaulted several minors, in 2014 a group of them met with Pope Francis to give him a document in which the names of more than twenty priests accused of sexual criminal acts against minors. However, at that time he was not tried or investigated, the Vatican decided to send him to the other side of the world, to Francisco's home country, to avoid the situation.

Perhaps Corradi did not count on Argentina as the country in which he would listen at his advanced age to the sentence of 42 years in prison for having been found guilty of “sexual abuse with carnal access aggravated by the guard and the preexisting coexistence with minors, in a real contest with the corruption of minors ”.

It was in 2016 when the investigation began based on the allegations that a deaf alumnus filed against the other priest, Horacio Corbacho, who in addition to the rape, made recordings with the camera of his computer and according to the versions offered by the complainants, Corbacho, after abusing them, expelled them from the room with violent forms.

Corbacho received the highest penalty for having been the priest of greater hierarchy within the defendants, 45 years because when the victims, between 5 and 17 years old, suffered these vexations, he served as minister of worship and this played in the decision as aggravating

One of the most aberrant cases of which there is knowledge and that was part of the sentence to these two ministers of the church was that of a young man, who at the time is 23 years old, of very humble extraction, who entered the religious institute for deaf children Antonio Próvolo from Mendoza Argentina when he was just 8 years old.

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This victim reported having been abused by Corbacho, but apart from having had to endure the rape by who was responsible for providing education, it was also the gardener of the institute who took advantage of sexually forcing the child to his sexual desires.

He was raped on at least eight occasions by gardener Armando Gomez, also sentenced in this process to 18 years in prison and according to his own account, sometimes he fainted from the pain caused by the aberrant sexual practices of his abuser.

This victim also said that as a result of the violations, he ended up with physical effects to the point that they had to be treated by a doctor, carefully chosen and always far from the Institute. That's where the then Monaguillo Jorge Bordón comes in, sentenced long ago for 11 other sexual cases of abuse and whose guilt he accepted reducing his sentence to 10 years in an abbreviated trial, also the nun Asunción Martínez judicially investigated for omitting these behaviors and not denouncing them. They were the two who were responsible for bringing the child to medical care.

As a result of this trial, advanced by the second criminal court of Mendoza, Corbacho was sentenced to 45 years, Corradi to 42 and Gomez, the gardener, to 18 years in prison and while the Catholic faith and the Vatican are led by an Argentine, that the only thing he did was send a defendant of sexual abuse in Italy to his native Argentina, it was there that he found the justice of the man who at 84 years old condemned him when he was found guilty of having ruined the lives of many people since the More tender age. What will be the divine punishment?