La Reina del Flow wins the first Emmy for Colombia

The Colombian soap opera stood out at the International Emmy ceremony, which rewards television outside the United States.

Screenshot of the trailer for 'The Queen of Flow'.

Screenshot of the trailer for 'The Queen of Flow'. / Photo: youtube.com/caracoltelevision

LatinAmerican Post | Juliana Rodríguez

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The successful Colombian soap opera, La Reina del Flow , has been a trend these days because it is the first Colombian production to win an Emmy. It won the award for Best Soap Opera outside the United States and with this it obtained the highest recognition that can be given to a production of this genre internationally.


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The EMMY International Awards

The International Emmy Awards were founded and held since 1973 to recognize television productions outside the United States. This is done with the purpose of leaving the American monopoly of the small screen. Thus, productions made outside the United States cannot only receive awards but also win viewers outside their own territory.

The International Emmy Awards are awarded annually in New York City. They are awarded by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and are divided into eleven categories: best drama, best actress, best actor, best comedy, best miniseries or television movie, best documentary, best art program, best non-English program, best non-scripted entertainment program, best short format series and best soap opera. Around 40 countries around the world participate in these awards and the nominated productions must have been, as a requirement, originally produced and broadcast outside the United States.

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La reina del flow

This Colombian soap opera was aired last year and produced by Caracol Televisión. The plot revolves around Yeimy Montoya, interpreted in her youth by María José Vargas and in her adulthood by Carolina Ramírez, a young woman who was deceived by the man she loved and who must therefore serve a sentence in a New York jail. Yeimy, then, decides to make a pact with the authorities to help catch the man who killed her family and also to avenge the betrayal of her youth.

The soap opera stands out above all for the performance of Carolina Ramírez in the leading role of a woman who has been given a second chance and who plans a calculating revenge against the man she loved before. It also stands out for the soundtrack, which has songs that are available on streaming platforms, because the soap opera gives a look, in addition to the theme of revenge, about the music industry and the urban genre.

The programm has already been broadcast in approximately 80 countries and such is its success that the Netflix streaming platform bought the distribution rights so that it can be seen again on screens around the world. Without a doubt, this award did not take us by surprise.