Champions: Which teams made it to round of 16?

One of the key days of the popular European tournament came to an end. Several teams achieved the classification to the round of 16 and others define their passage on the last day. From LatinAmerican Post we tell you more.

Tottenham players receiving instructions from the coach.

Tottenham players receiving instructions from the coach. / Photo: Maxppp

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

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The classified teams

In this penultimate day, eight teams managed to give their fans peace of mind by moving on to the next round of the championship. In this way, Real Madrid, Bayern, Tottenham, Manchester City, PSG Juventus, and Barcelona achieved the classification. RB Leipzig, from group G and who has 10 points, just needs to know if it passes as first or second in its group.

On the other hand, group A, the classification of PSG and Real Madrid is more than decided; the French team passes as first with 13 points, while the Spanish passes second with 8 points. There is no doubt that Bruges (with three points) and Galatasaray (with two) favored Real Madrid. Those two did not have a good performance in the group stage, since Real Madrid could not with the French team.

The above, considering that in the first match against PSG 3 goals fell to 0; and in the second, although Benzema gave them the advantage of two goals until minute 79, the goals of Mbappé (81 ') and Sarabia (83') ended with the victory of Real Madrid.

On the other hand, in group B, the qualifiers at the round of 16 are Bayern Munich and Tottenham. The German team has not lost, so far, no match so it has 15 points. While the English club arrives with 10 points, after tracing the match of day 5 against Olympiacos, which was losing 2 to 0 and ended up tracing 4-2, ending the hopes of the Greek team.

For group C, the classified is Manchester City with 11 points; for group D is Juventus with 13 points; Group F is the Barcelona that managed to reap 11 points.

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Those who seek classification

In group C, after Manchester City, the classification is complicated because any of the remaining teams, Shakhtar Donetsk (6) Dinamo Zagreb (5) and Atalanta (4), can rank second. Third place will send them directly to the Europa League.

In D, the second place is played by Atlético de Madrid, with 7 points and Bayer Leverkusen with 6. As explained by El Mundo, the Spanish team “has an advantage in case of a draw, so they would only be left out if not they won their game and the German team did win in theirs”.

Group E is the one with the most options since there are three teams competing for both positions. Liverpool, current champion, tied and could be out of the competition, since both the English club and the other two teams, Naples (with 9 points) and Salzburg (7), depend on their result to pass.

According to Marca, “Liverpool would be eliminated from the Champions League if Naples beat Genk and Salzburg defeats Klopp in Austria. And in a hypothetical triple tie the current champion would also fall to the Europa League”.

In the group of Barcelona, F, things get interesting for Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan since the two arrive on the last day with seven points. Given this, the Italian team has some advantage, due to the goal difference, but in the next day will receive the leader; while the German team will play with Slavia Praha that barely accumulates 2 points.

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On the other hand, in group G, the only one who manages to be classified is Leipzig with 10 points. Similar to Group F, Zenit and Lyon arrive tied with 7 points. The Russian team will face Benfica, fourth in the table, so it has a chance of being one of the two classified. Meanwhile, Lyon faces Leipzig.

Finally, there is group H, where the only team that offers a certainty is Lille, since it is in the last position with only 1 point. Furthermore, the Ajax (10 points), Valencia (8 points) and Chelsea (8), still have possibilities to pass to the round of 16. On day 5, Chelsea's draw against Valencia opened the doors for results.

However, the Spanish team will have to score the same result or more than Chelsea, against Ajax in order to qualify. While Chelsea would have to win or draw against Lille and that at the same time Valencia lose. A definitely exciting date for this group.

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