What you need to know about Miss Universe coronation

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We bring you some of the events that stood out most during the Miss Universe reign last Sunday.

Zozibini Tunzi, new Miss Universe.

Zozibini Tunzi, new Miss Universe. / Photo: twitter.com/zozitunzi

LatinAmerican Post | Juliana Rodríguez

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There are those who say that the beauty contests are ending. The national TV channels in Colombia, a country that has obtained two crowns and has several runners up, did not transmit the show. With the popularity of feminism, many have already noticed that these contests are an obsolete event that does not fit in the modern world of equal rights for men and women.

This is perhaps why the queens have tried to update themselves and use some of these speeches, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. Here we gather some events that seem remarkable to us from Miss Universe 2019, which took place in Atlanta last Sunday.

Steve Harvey's complicated relationship with Colombia


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This year's presenter was again Steve Harvey, who made the mistake of granting Miss Universe's crown to Miss Colombia when she did not win in a previous version. Of course, he joked about this with Miss Colombia, Gabriela Tafur, who laughed with the presenter about his mistake.

However, Harvey tried to extend the joke by saying that he had already been forgiven in Colombia "except for those on the cartel." Uncomfortable and cliché, the presenter's joke was ignored by the beauty queen.

The other mistake of Steve Harvey


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Although he made jokes, Steve Harvey was not saved this year from making another mistake. He interviewed Miss Malaysia about her typical dress as if she were Miss Philippines. She corrected him and he clarified that it was not his fault, as it would be a mistake in the teleprompter.

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The statements of Miss Colombia



Gabriela Tafur, representative of Colombia in Miss Universe, had shown on Twitter some disagreement about the current situation in the country, especially about the case of Dilan Cruz, killed by police. In her presentation at Miss Universe, she decided to take the minutes that corresponded her to comment on the national strike.

She said that in her country "people were protesting to claim rights that were being denied." Miss Colombia, who was in the top 5 of Miss Universe, had to answer the question about what the most serious flaw in global women's health was for her. Although she did not clearly say that she was in favor of legal and safe abortion, she did imply it by saying "women should be able to decide on our body."

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The winner



This year's crowned was Zozibini Tunzi, representative of South Africa. Surprising for some, as this contest usually rewards conventional beauty. In her final statement, the new Miss Universe talked about how it was time for women with her skin color to be considered beautiful.

Also, when asked what the girls of the world should be taught urgently, she said that they should be taught leadership because society has put women in a place far from leadership and this must change.