Champions League: meet the 16 teams classified to eighths

Last Wednesday, December 11, the teams that will pass to the knockout stages of the Champions League were defined.

Champions League trophy.

Champions League trophy. / Photo: es.uefa.com

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

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The last day of the group phase undoubtedly gave us many surprises, because it was full of unexpected turns. Recall that, as we mentioned earlier in LatinAmerican Post, on day five, they managed to classify “Real Madrid, Bayern, Tottenham, Manchester City, PSG, Juventus, Barcelona”.

Within the classified, the best result Bayern Munich's, a team that won the six games and was crowned as the most scorer team, defeating Tottenham 3 goals against 1. In addition, other stars of the group stage It was the PSG, the team became the least thrashed, thanks to the actions of Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas.

Also, the teams that passed as first in the groups were, PSG, Bayern, Manchester City, Juventus, Liverpool, Barcelona, RB Leipzig, and Valencia CF While the second places were Real Madrid, Tottenham, Atalanta, Atlético from Madrid, Napoli, Dortmund, Lyon, and Chelsea. Although there were no surprises in some groups, in some this last date represented all or nothing.

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Those who fought

As we mentioned in another article, in group C the second quota could be for any team, the Atalanta made a spectacular comeback, managing to get out of the last position. Not only did they benefit from the triumph of Manchester City over Dinamo Zagreb, but hitting 3 to 0 at Shakhtar reached them to take second place and continue their debut in the second round of the championship.

For Group D, things were smiling at Atlético de Madrid, as the Spanish team had more chances to move on to the next round, fulfilling the objective of winning the match against Lokomotiv (2-0) and that the German team, Leverkusen, lost the last game.

One of the groups where nothing was decided was group E. The current champion, Liverpool, suffered until the last day for not being eliminated, and qualified for the second round during the second half of the match against Salzburg, to win 2-0 In addition, Napoli qualified after passing with three games won and three draws. Despite the classification, the now-former technical director Carlo Ancelotti was fired and since December 11 Gennaro Gattuso assumed the direction of the team.

In F, second place was fought by Inter Milan and Borussia Dortmund. In the end, the German team was able to qualify, after 61 minutes Julian Brandt unpacked the game. Meanwhile, the Italian team lost when the youngest player to score in the Champions League, Ansu Fati, annihilated the match at minute 86.

For Group G, Lyon of France reached a 2-2 draw against leader RB Leipzig; while Benfica, who was at the bottom of the table, thrashed Zenit 3-0 so that he was fourth in place and without possibilities.

Finally, one of the most exciting groups was the H, since both Ajax and Valencia or Chelsea depended on each other to qualify. As well. the two lucky ones ended up being the Spanish and English team. The English suffered towards the end of the game because in the match against Lille, last on the table, Loic Remy scored a goal at minute 76, when Chelsea won by two goals.

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The round of 16

With the 16 classified teams, the draw will be held next December 16 in Nyon, Switzerland. In this ceremony, they will cross those teams that passed in the first place (and which are in hype one) with those who qualified in second place (bass drum 2).

It should be noted that in this phase you cannot face teams belonging to the same country (eg Barcelona VS Real Madrid) or belonging to the same group of the first phase. In addition, as FutbolRed explains, "the sown equipment (first in the table) guarantees that they will lock their key in condition of premises."

For now, the matches will return until February 2020, the month in which we will also know the qualifiers for the quarterfinals.


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