5 Latin cities you should visit for Christmas

If you want to travel for this Christmas season, here you will know which are the Latin cities that you should definitely visit.

Group of people watching fireworks.

Group of people watching fireworks. / Photo: Unsplash - Reference Image

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The Christmas season is one of the most beautiful of the year, in which it is tradition to share and enjoy with family and friends, but if this year you want to travel to another city to do something different and likewise have a good time, In LatinAmerican Post we bring you a list with five Latin cities that are the favorites to visit at this time, for its attractions, Christmas decorations, and special parties.

And so you know where exactly you should go to spend this Christmas, here you will know which are those Latin cities that are among the favorites to visit for these dates.

1. Medellin in Colombia

Medellín is one of the most visited cities in Colombia for everything it offers, and especially in December. Travelers Jesús and Verónica Martínez, in their blog called Vero4Travel, recommend visiting it for Christmas because they experience a unique Christmas atmosphere, which is mainly characterized by having lighting like no other, which is fascinating to observe.

Travelers mention that in this city there are many people who fill the streets to enjoy the more than 40 spaces that are illuminated, and that makes up the symbolic route of light. Every year it is possible to enjoy true shows of very original lights and full of creativity.

And regarding that, Carlos and Eli, other travelers, in their video entitled “Medellin Lighting 2019” comment on how fascinated by the lighting that is possible to see this year in the North Park and Parks of the River, places best known for their light shows, which you can enjoy with your loved ones while trying the food they sell in their surroundings, making it ideal to share with friends or family.

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2. Cuzco in Peru

Visiting Cuzco is another option of Latin cities that you should not overlook, here you can not only know great places, such as the famous Machu Picchu, but you can also spend a Christmas that you will never forget. According to the El País portal, Cuzco is the ideal place to spend Christmas and a New Year, because Cusco's people hold special parties full of color, dynamism, but above all with a lot of tradition.


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The Christmas decoration, the famous fireworks show, the tradition of eating 12 grapes while receiving the New Year, the kiss between couples and the parties, are part of the celebrations that reverberate throughout Cuzco, especially in the Plaza de Armas, according to specialists from Dos Manos Peru. And to finish having an unforgettable experience in this country, do not forget to try their delicious food.

3. San José in Costa Rica

In Decembrine times, lights, colors, Christmas music, parades, and festivals take over every corner of San José, the capital of Costa Rica, making it one of the Latin cities where this holiday is celebrated in style. In the Christmas magazine Navidad.es they indicate that this is a place where the Christmas spirit is felt from the first days of December, and their traditions revolve around the religious and family.


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When the night of December 24 arrives, it is customary to share with family dinner and the delivery of gifts, then go to a church and be present at the Mass of Gallo. And you can also enjoy bullfighting in Zapote, a district of San José, where the animal is not killed or harmed, only bullfighting. However, what I like most about this celebration are the various mechanical games and the "chinamos", food and beverage stand that are placed.

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4. Viña del Mar in Chile

Viña del Mar is another of the Latin cities that cannot be left out of this list, and it is that in addition to being one of the most tourist destinations for all its wonders, according to the Panamerican World portal, it is a place where you can breathe party everywhere, and more at Christmas, since for this time in many places of the city great routes are made, but the biggest attraction is undoubtedly the show of more than 25,000 thousand fireworks that are launched for New Year's Eve, which are seen from several viewpoints.


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5. Punta del Este in Uruguay

This is a peninsular city, located in the Maldonado department, which combines beaches with the good things of a city. For what is published in the aforementioned portal, in this place, besides being able to enjoy the sun and sea, you can also go to places where there are good parties, drink exotic drinks and delight in a good gastronomy, something you should not miss if the visits for Christmas, but especially if you stay there to receive the year 2020 since you will also see how the sky is lit with all the fireworks and the whole party that this generates.


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These are the Latin cities that are most recommended to visit for Christmas and also if you like to receive the New Year away from home, but in an incredible place, where you will definitely have a great time.