Rocking kids! 5 fun rock bands for children

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With lyrics that narrate adventures and peculiar characters, these bands decided to create music for the most demanding public: children.

Boy enjoying a concert.

Boy enjoying a concert. / Photo: Pixabay - Reference Image

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The children's audience is usually described by many artists as "the most demanding", one of them is the Argentine singer-songwriter Luis Pescetti, who told Radio Formula that "it is as grateful as is demanding".

Therefore, few bands specialize in children's audiences, as it is a challenge that these 5 Latin American bands have successfully overcome, to turn thousands of children into fans who jump and chant their songs during concerts.

These bands have different origins, but they all integrate funny stories with extravagant characters that undoubtedly amuse the little ones. These rockers have decided to take children seriously and make music that comes out of the stereotypes of children's music, without losing sight of the age of the audience. They also break the rock stereotype, usually related to drugs, crime, and other social problems.

Thanks to their ability to entertain the little ones, they have earned a place in their playlists with themes suitable for them, although sometimes the songs have managed to overcome the age barrier and become songs that even adults like.

Without further ado, these are the 5 rock bands for children you should know.

1. Heavysaurios, Argentina

Hevisaurus originates in Finland. As you can imagine, it is a band formed by dinosaurs that play heavy metal. If you listen to the Finnish band, you will not notice the difference between adult bands of the same gender, which is one of the most striking things. According to Infobae, their success is such that they have played with bands like Rammstein and Nightwish.

As if that were not enough, an Argentine version called Heavysaurios was created. The Latin American version sings the same songs as the Finnish version but in Spanish, its themes are fun because it deals with children's songs as stated by Nino Laurenne, the band's composer.

2. Perrockers, Peru

This band originally from Peru is made up of fun rock dogs that with their music help to sensitize children against animal abuse, according to the Andean Agency. Its objective is to demonstrate that music for children can give positive messages without losing musical quality. Therefore, the Perrockers emphasize that their influences are bands like Guns N 'Roses or Black Sabbath. Their work, which spreads the care of animals, has led them to play in Mexico, the United States, and Colombia.

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3. Yucatan a Go Go, Mexico

These Mexicans are as funny as irreverent, the themes of their songs are diverse: zombies, comic characters such as Kaliman, fighters, mealtime and many more. This band, with more than 20 years of experience, integrates various genres to their particular style and ranges from rock, ska surfing, punk, and blues, ensures the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico. Two of its most successful albums have been Bipolar and Rock Cabezón para Salvajitos that has kept them in the taste of children in their country, where they usually appear in cultural venues, festivals, and book fairs.

4. Mosquitos Muertos, Chile

This fun Chilean band mixes the country's traditional rhythms with rock, resulting in music with its own identity. Rodrigo Latorre, one of the founders of the band, told CNN Chile that the band's intention is to create a healthy family life in which parents and children enjoy rock.

It also represents a rescue of the music and instruments of the country, it is a way to keep them alive in the new generations, among the instruments they use include the charango, the quenas, and the zampoña, which join the rock classics. They have performed on such important stages as the Lollapalooza Chile festival.

5. 1, 2, 3 Andrés, Colombia

He lives in the United States but was born in Colombia, Andrés Salguero, known as 1, 2, 3 Andrés has dedicated himself to creating music of many genres for children. The important thing for him is to give positive messages through Latin music, which also includes some rock songs. His music is a mixture of English and Spanish with which he hopes language learning will be easier for children. He has managed to position his music in the United States, obtaining in 2016 the Latin Grammy for his album Top Down.