What is Trump's new Space Force?

The president of the United States announced that since 2020, a new Military Force will protect the facilities that the country has around the Earth.

President of the United States, Donald Trump.

President of the United States, Donald Trump. / Photo: Reuters

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The Space Force, which had been announced since 2017 by Vice President Mike Pence, will be based on the work of the Space Command (SpaceCom), “which was created in August to handle US military operations. in space,” according to BBC.

The main intention of this force is not one of attack but of defense of the installations that have been orbiting already around the Earth. This was in order, according to the statements of President Donald Trump when announcing his launch, that the United States does not lose any advantage in terms of its military power. Therefore, the Space Force will for the moment be commanded by the Air Force and will be allocated special financing, which will be USD $ 40,000 million to meet the objectives in the first year.

The warlike confrontations and the struggle for power between the United States and Russia are not a recent thing, since the 1950s both have tried to prevent the other country from advancing in this area. Currently,  including China, countries seek to conquer not only the Earth but its surroundings.

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Earlier in December, Russian President Vladimir Putin had talked about the dangers of space expansion in the United States. "The US political-military leadership openly considers space as a military scenario and plans to conduct operations there," said the Russian president.

Months ago, Pence had ensured that both Russia and China had air lasers and anti-satellite missiles, so the United States should be up to date and counteract what these two nations could be doing. Therefore, during the speech, Trump said that "in the midst of serious threats to our national security, American superiority in space is absolutely vital."

Right there he referred to the current leadership of the United States in space matters. However, that space is the new main domain to fight war and that the leadership they currently have is not enough. Therefore, with the Space Force, he says, "we will soon be leading by a lot."

According to the secretary of the Air Force, this force will have a military and civilian staff of at least 16,000. And this is the first military branch launched in the United States in 70 years, the last being the Air Force.

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