5 entertainment news you can't miss

Of different themes, here are the most important entertainment news that took place this week.

Still from the movie 'Captain Marvel', Queen Elizabeth II, poster of the series 'You'.

Still from the movie 'Captain Marvel', Queen Elizabeth II, poster of the series 'You'. / Photos: youtube.com/Marvel Entertainment, instagram.com/kensingtonroyal, sensacine.com

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We gather, as usual, the five most important news in the entertainment world this Christmas week. Here they go.

1. The new wave of inclusion in Marvel movies

It has been announced that the Marvel Universe will be more inclusive with the LGBTIQ+ community in its next phases. They have already been seen trying to achieve more representativeness with female characters but they have already shown interest in taking the next step. Thus, fans have begun to speculate.

It is suspected that in phase 4 of feature films, an openly bisexual superheroine will be seen: Valkiria, from Thor: Love and Thunder. In this phase, i is also speculated that one of the members of The Eternals will be gay and possibly have a family. For phase 5, it is speculated that maybe Captain Marvel, whom we have already seen in a feature film, will have a sequel in which it will be revealed that she is a lesbian. And maybe Jessica Jones's character will also show up as bisexual outside the Netflix series.

2. The first Tenet trailer is revealed

The first Tenet trailer, the new Cristopher Nolan movie, has already been released. It seems that this new feature film will involve time travel, so some of his fans have suspected that he may have some relationship with one of the director's other films, Inception.

In the trailer, we see that among the cast that is presumed to be a new success of Nolan, there are actors such as John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clemence Poesy, Michael Caine (who would already be similar in Inception) and Kenneth Branagh.

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3. 'You' returns to Netflix

The second season of 'You' premiered last Thursday, December 26. The original Netflix series follows the strange relationship of a stalking boyfriend with his partner. This time the plot will take place in Los Angeles, where the protagonist, Joe Goldberg, will try to start from scratch but cannot avoid falling into his same old tricks.

4. Christmas recovery of Prince Philip


Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip, had been in preventive hospitalization for the past four days due to a flu-like illness that would have lasted several weeks. The prince, moreover, had fallen a while ago, which would also have somehow affected his state of health. For Christmas, however, the prince was discharged and taken back to Sandringham.

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5. Queen Elizabeth's II Christmas message


Una publicación compartida de Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) el

As is the tradition, Queen Elizabeth II gave her Christmas greeting in which I wish a happy holiday to all the inhabitants of the United Kingdom. This time he gave his speech from his desk where you can see photos of his family.