These are the 10 most insecure countries to travel in 2020

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Here we tell you the countries that you should avoid if you are going to travel on this new year

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The Travel Security Risk was published by the travel insurance company SOS. In the study, which is an interactive map, travelers can see the security conditions of all countries in the world and thus make a better decision to go on a trip.

The three conditions that 1350 tourism experts took into account are:

  • Medical risk
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Perception of general security (social and political unrest, wars, other forms of violence)

According to SOS, these are the most insecure countries

1. Libya: political instability due to the conflict with the Islamic State, poor road infrastructure and almost non-existent medical assistance make Libya an almost deadly destination for its visitors.

2. Somalia: Due to the displacement of more than 137 thousand families since 1991, Somalia is a dangerous destination for tourists. Add to this also the precarious medical attention and the poor state of the road infrastructure. As if this were not enough, the country is going through a drought that has affected national agriculture.

3. South Sudan: This country has been at war since 2013 and despite the signing of a peace agreement in 2018, the conditions evaluated by the study show that citizens and tourists are at risk.

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4. Central African Republic: since 2013 the region is at war and citizens have had to face serious outbreaks of violence. UNICEF says that children have been the most affected because they have become victims of kidnapping, sexual abuse, recruitment, and murder.

5. Afghanistan: Although it did not split into the three categories like the previous countries, this nation is dangerous for travelers due to lack of government control, poor transport system functionality and the constant risk of violent attacks. According to SOS, road conditions are acceptable.

6. Iraq: Like Afghanistan, road conditions are admissible. However, the conflict between Iran and the United States, plus the presence of the Islamic State in the country, makes the territory unsafe because of the violence that includes kidnapping and executions.

7. Syria: since 2011 this country is at war, which has triggered the constant violation of the human rights of locals and visitors. Unicef revealed that sexual abuse against girls and women has become a weapon to obtain information or make the opponent give up. In addition to the risk of visiting the country due to the conflict, medical assistance is poor.

8. Yemen: the presence of armed groups that attack international officials and travelers make this country a dangerous destination that puts the well-being of those who visit it at risk. Additionally, the country is immersed in a humanitarian crisis.

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9. Egypt: the risk for tourists is mainly in health conditions that can be lived while there. Tourists can get diseases related to the consumption of water and food and get malaria and typhoid fever. Although Egypt has a reliable health service, it does not have enough specialists. In addition, violent events may occur.

10. Venezuela: Like most countries that make up the ranking, Venezuela is mired in a social and economic crisis that makes the country unstable in several areas such as health and safety. According to SOS, Haiti and Venezuela represent the greatest health risks in Latin America.