Don't f ** k with cats: a true story worthy of a Black Mirror chapter

As the story progresses, the Netflix miniseries uncovers the worst of human nature.

Poster of the series 'Don't F ** k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer'.

Poster of the series 'Don't F ** k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer'. / Photo: sensacine.com

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Don't f ** k with cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is the new Netflix miniseries that has only 3 chapters of approximately one hour each.

As you can imagine, the story focuses on the hunt of a real character, Luka Magnotta, who apparently only mistreated kittens, but the reality was much deeper than it seemed. Gradually, the darkest of human nature appears to become a horror story.

Worthy of Black Mirror

One of the fundamental characteristics of Black Mirror is to show us that technology does not necessarily improve our lives, on the contrary, it can create extremely disastrous situations.

Therefore, Don't f ** k with cats seems worthy of a chapter of British anthology, an innocent and determined group of Internet "nerds" decide to hunt a man who kills kittens, without imagining the consequences of it, because as they discover on the road they face a violent murderer who likes everyone's attention.


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In a documentary format, the miniseries narrates the views of the "hunter nerds", who from the comfort of their computer and using Facebook as a communication tool put to work to go behind this mysterious subject and make the internet become an active method to catch such a sinister character.

And although in principle there are some "good" and a "bad", the miniseries suggests several reflections on what role the "hunter nerds" play, the mysterious subject and finally the viewer. That is a notable difference from this work compared to other documentaries, it manages to integrate the viewer himself to this dynamic of persecution and responsibility over what we see on the internet and what we pay attention.



It is not so different from the daily reality of Facebook: negative comments, attacks, viral videos with explicit violent content, "trolls", threats, etc. but unlike everyday life, Don't f ** k with cats uncovers a brutal case that has been famous for some years.

The failed model and actor Luka Magnotta sought the attention of the media, networks and authorities using everything within his reach, although his intelligence was used to kill defenseless animals and finally a human being as reported by Sensacine.



Catch Me If You Can

The little investigation of the "nerds", that suddenly becomes one of the Canadian police and then international authorities, discovers things that seem unlikely or taken from a movie. Here, the creative part of the production is brilliant, because the way in which they tell the whole story throughout the 3 chapters is simply captivating, the details become more and more interesting, putting together a puzzle that in the end is almost incredible .

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As a chapter of CSI or The Law and Order, Luka Magnotta builds with impressive anticipation all his character in order to achieve his mission, parts of Catch me if you can, Casablanca and Low instincts, among others, inspired different moments of the criminal story Magnotta performs and that the viewer discovers until he assembles all the pieces.

The new Netflix production recently launched on the platform has caused a stir in the network to pay attention to a character like Magnotta. It also reveals how difficult it is for the authorities to check what happens in Internet, according to the newspaper Publimetro Chile.

The same newspaper quotes Mark Lewis, the director of the miniseries, who talks about the dynamics that the production follows: “What is so amazing for me about this documentary series is that it develops like a true thriller. With twists and turns that nobody will see coming; a cast of Internet heroes whose ingenuity will make you applaud from the side. And a murderer whose true identity will make you gasp when he is finally unmasked. ”

Are we all accomplices?

A fundamental idea in this miniseries is that we are all responsible in some way, beyond the risque attacks that appear daily on social networks, the repercussions in real life can be much greater. Paraphrasing what it is said in the series, we do not know who is on the other side of the computer or cell phone screen, or what he is thinking.

An example of the consequences of these public "lynchings" is set in one of the episodes and will surely make the viewer reflect on their role in the entire chain that represents interacting on the internet.



Don't f ** k with cats does not need to directly show the violence to which it refers, however, it manages to create that sense of helplessness and suffering in the face of animal or human abuse, it is difficult not to watch the 3 chapters continuously to get to know Magnotta's fate, his motives, and the darkness of his mind.