What are the 10 destinations you should visit in 2020?

The New York Times published a list of the 52 places you should visit this year. Here we bring you the top 10.

View of a Washington street and houses on a Greenland hill.

View of a Washington street and houses on a Greenland hill. / Photos: Unsplash

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If you are thinking of packing your bags and going on a trip, we recommend you read this list so you can visit the most incredible places in the world. The New York Times made a compilation with the 52 destinations that yes or yes you should know in 2020 and here we bring you the top 10.

1. Washington

The capital of the United States at first glance seems not to be a very attractive destination. However, thanks to the historical events that have taken place there and the convergence of multiple cultures, this city tops the list for its museums, varied restaurants and the historical idealism of a city built on the basis of common heritage.

According to NYT, there are three mandatory stops in Washington, which are also free:

  • The Library of Congress
  • The American History Museum
  • The National Archives Museum

2. The British Virgin Islands

This island, which was affected in 2017 by hurricanes Irma and Maria, has recovered and several hotels and resorts will reopen this year. Among them is the Rosewood Little Dix Bay that was developed in 1964 by Laurence Rockefeller.

In addition to the iconic hotel, other resorts such as The Bitter End Yach that used recyclable materials will also open to the public.

3. Rurrenabaque

This small municipality is located in the northwest of Bolivia and if you are interested in ecotourism this is the ideal place for you. You can visit Madidi, one of the most biodiverse protected areas in the world. You can also go to Rhukanrhuka a tropical forest almost as big as Yellowstone.

4. Greenland

Many have Greenland in mind because of Donald Trump's recent desire to buy this semi-autonomous territory of Denmark. If you want to visit this place you should know that there are sustainable cruises that even take naturalists on board.

According to NYT, you can visit Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Northeast Greenland National Park and walk the ice shelf with the famous mountaineer Alex Pancoe.

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5. Kimberly

Located in Australia, this destination has countless places and activities that you can do. For example, you can visit the Purnululu National Park, the Ord River, and its waterways and Argyle Lake. You can also tour Aboriginal culture and go to Broome's Chinatown and participate in the Western Australian Gourmet Escape Festival.

6. Paso Robles

With more than 300 vineyards, located in California, in this place "Bruce Munro created" Field of Light ", a show of 60,000 orbs of 15-lit illuminated glass that has made Paso Robles an art destination (until June 30, when the show ends) ”, says NYT.

Also, being there you can enjoy luxurious hotels such as Hotel Cheval and Hotel Piccolo. The cuisine is also good and you will enjoy excellent wine, cheese, olive oil, coffee, among others.

7. Sicily

This volcanic Italian island is practicing sustainable tourism with green initiatives such as EtnAmbiente. This is an application in which tourists and locals can report pollution problems and thus reduce plastic waste and protect the marine life of the island. In Sicily, you will enjoy excellent cuisine and excellent wine quality.

8. Salzburg

Mozart's birthplace and located in Austria, this city is world-renowned for the classical music festival that annually takes place there. This year, the famous event celebrates 100 years and will be attended by some of the most recognized masters and soloists of the classical world. At a gastronomic level, Salzburg offers the most delicious souffle.

9. Tokyo

The Olympic Games this year are based in Tokyo, so worldwide attention will be on this Asian city. In addition to the important sporting event, the Japanese capital offers incredible architecture, a wide and rich gastronomic scene and a metropolis full of unforgettable experiences.

NYT highlights the Toyosu fish market, Bear Pond Espresso coffee, Nakano Broadway, the traditional Yakana district, among many others.

10. Caesarea

NYT says that this city received its name in honor of Cesar Augusto. It was Herod the Great who 2000 years ago named this beautiful archaeological complex in which Roman ruins remain.