5 entertainment news that you can't miss

Here are the five entertainment news you should know.

Prize awarded to the Grammys, members of the royal family, Harvey Weinstein.

Prize awarded to the Grammys, members of the royal family, Harvey Weinstein. / Photos: instagram.com/recordingacademy, instagram.com/garyjanetti, flickr.com/David Shankbone

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As usual and because today is Friday, the five news that marked this week is about to end. These are the five news that we find most relevant in the entertainment industry.

1. Harry and Meghan make their departure from royalty official


Una publicación compartida de The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) el

At the beginning of the week, a statement from Queen Elizabeth II was made public in which it was stated that the couple had reached an agreement with the rest of the royal family. The queen said that after months of discussion, she has concluded that she will support her grandson Harry's efforts to become independent.

Thus, Meghan and Harry have renounced the title of Royal Highness and with this, they also renounce being active members of royalty. They will not receive public funding either and they formalized that they will live for now in a mansion in Canada. This, said the queen, will be done from the spring of this year.

2. Sex scandal at the Grammy Awards


Una publicación compartida por Recording Academy / GRAMMYs (@recordingacademy) el

Deborah Dugan, president of the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which organizes the Grammy Awards, was fired last Friday. Although this dismissal was intended to be behind closed doors and very discreet, this week Dugan has filed a complaint of sexual harassment with the Commission for Equal Employment Opportunities. In the document, Dugan denounces not only that they pressured her to renew contracts of men accused of sexual harassment, but also irregularities in the voting of the prizes and conflicts of interest totally ignored.

The Academy has already said that their accusations are false and that they come just after their dismissal. This scandal comes just days before the Grammy 2020 awards, which would have been the first in charge of Dugan, the first woman to be president of the Academy.

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3. The Weinstein trial advances

Two years after his first accusations, the case of Harvey Weinstein advances. This Wednesday the prosecution made its presentation to the jury and Meghan Hast, the assistant prosecutor, told in detail the testimonies of the victims, who give an account of the non-consent in the meetings with Harvey Weinstein.

She also showed a photograph of the accused with former President Bill Clinton to prove that the producer used his friendship with the politician to intimidate those who wanted to denounce him. Weinstein's defense lawyer says that this photograph was out of place and now he wants the judge to declare a null trial so that the case starts again from scratch, this time with another jury.

4. The Prince is coming to HBO


Una publicación compartida de Gary Janetti (@garyjanetti) el

It was announced this week that HBO prepares The Prince, a series about the royal family. Very different from The Crown, The Prince will not be a political and real drama. It is, rather, a satirical comedy that follows Prince Goerge, son of Kate and William. The production will be in charge of Gary Janetti, whose Instagram is full of memes from the royal family, so we already know more or less what tone to expect from this series. The release date is not yet official.

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5. The trailer of Gretel and Hansel

The horror movie releases its official trailer. It is a film that revisits the popular story of the Grimm brothers of Hansel and Gretel and makes a second reading that results in one of the most anticipated horror films of this year. Starring Sophia Lillis, Samuel Leaky and Alice Krige, Gretel and Hansel is ready to release.

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