All about Rosalía's new song

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Here we tell you everything you need to know about her new flamenco, Juro que, I swear that

Frame from the 'Juro Que' music video by Rosalía.

Frame from the 'Juro Que' music video by Rosalía. / Photo: youtube.com/Rosalia

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Rosalía has already released her new song and it is a flamenco. The singer has already become a world-renowned star and her latest songs have been close to reggaeton and pop.

On this occasion, she returns with a flamenco with a prison theme that is breaking our hearts.


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Juro que, I swear what

Although Rosalia began to make herself known with Malamente, an urban flamenco, she achieved international fame in the Anglo-Saxon world after her songs with J Balvin and after having ventured more into pop. Now, she returns with a flamenco theme that is very different from Malamante anyway. In fact, Juro que is more like the songs she sang before being famous outside of Spain.

The song is produced by herself from the hand of Gincho. It is a flamenco with a prison motive, because it is written for the beloved in prison. This flamenco features Joselito Acedo's guitar, which gives the song an air of regret. Rosalia, however, does not completely abandon her most recent style of ostentation and excess, as the song refers to her Gucci bag, diamonds and ivory; only this time these references are part of the promise that the beloved makes to her lover to be able to get him out of jail.

Thus, Rosalia has managed to combine her previous style, of sad flamenco, with her new style, of ostentatious reggaeton, and she has done it with great success: the video clip already has more than 4 million views in less than 20 hours of premiere.

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The video clip

Without a doubt, Rosalía's success is due not only to her voice but also to being an integral artist. Thus, the visual aesthetic of the singer has been a key part of her success and the construction of her interpretations. The video clip of Juro Qué , directed by Tanu Muiño, is no exception.

On it, Rosalia is seen singing through a window to her beloved, played by the Spanish actor Omar Ayuso, known for his role as Omar in the production of Netflix Elite. The visual proposal of the video is full of the references of always: exaggerated colors, the characteristic nails of the singer, the accessories in the hair.

As usual, the singer wears different outfits in the almost three minutes of the song. On the other side of the glass, you can see the beloved in prison in an aesthetic that also obeys luxury and ostentation but that adapts to the prison motive.

Rosalía will perform tomorrow at the Grammy Awards and will be one of the main performers.