'Abortion is normal', an exhibition that fights for reproductive rights

This exhibition, curated by Jasmine Wahi and Rebecca Pauline Jampol, is taking place in New York and is raising awareness about abortion rights.

Abortion rights activist

Abortion rights activist. / Photo: Reuters

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Last May 14, a bill that banned all abortions in the state of Alabama and criminalized the procedure was approved. Next day, Jasmine Wahi texted Marilyn Minter something simple: “we gotta do something”.

As the site describes it, this “emergency” exhibition gathered a huge list of artists that aim to raise fundings and create awareness about the importance of accessible, safe, and legal abortion in a time when the practice is under attack in the United States. 

The exhibition has two parts: the first one was between January 9 and January 18, 2020, and the second one started on January 21st and will continue until February 1st.  

As read on The Guardian, it includes artists of all races and genders: “it was important for us to have an intersectional exhibition, that ranged not only in gender demographics but because we have people of all gender identities between the two spaces, addressing a variety of reproductive rights issues”, said Wahi. 

“‘Empowerment’ is really a buzzword now, but I hope that some of these works really function as a form of strength and reclamation of space”, she added, according to The Daily Beast. 

Among the pieces you can find nude photographs, paintings of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, some “Thank God for Abortion” shirts, and simple displays of written slogans and buzzwords, like “Choice” and “Dear Judge Kavanaugh, if you don’t like abortions don’t get one”, states Lifesite News. 

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The event is co-organized by Marilyn Minter, Gina Nanni, Laurie Simmons, and Sandy Tait and includes artists such as Carrie Mae Weems, Carroll Dunham, Catherine Opie, Cecily Brown, Chloe Wise, Christopher Myers, Christen Clifford, Cindy Sherman, Delano Dunn, Derrick Adams, Dominique Duroseau, among others. 

According to Wahi, the title does not pretend to minimize the feelings of those who have had an abortion, but instead, she is trying to say: “What you choose to do with your body is OK. it is normal. Can it be difficult? Yes. Is it your right? Yes.”

“We wanted to look at abortion from a health-care procedure—any health-care procedure you do that is your choice to do should be considered normalized and not stigmatized,” Wahi said. 

All the works are for sale and proceeds are going to political fund-raising groups focused on reproductive rights.

“It’s really personal because I see the clock going backward. “I have children, I have a daughter, a son, young friends. I can’t bear it. We can’t leave this planet leaving this mess for women’s reproductive rights. It has to be taken care of”, said Laurie Simmons according to The Daily Beast.