Latin America present in the Super Bowl

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Here everything about the halftime show that was performed last Sunday at the biggest NFL event.

Shakira - Bad Bunny and J Balvin - Jennifer López during her performances in the Super Bowl.

Shakira - Bad Bunny and J Balvin - Jennifer López during her performances in the Super Bowl. / Photos: instagram.com/badbunnypr, instagram.com/jbalvin

LatinAmerican Post | Juliana Rodríguez Pabón

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There were many expectations about the presentation of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl halftime show. This presentation took place on Sunday, February 2, in the city of Miami and the two artists not only did not disappoint but also surprised with their other two guests and with a political performance. Here everything about the halftime show.

Latin rhythms in the Super Bowl

We can start with what is not only a celebration of Latinity but also a political and courageous gesture. The halftime show started with Shakira on stage. She first sang She Wolf and Whenever Wherever, both in English. And from these pop songs, some of her songs closest to the Arab and Colombian rhythms came off until he got to dance Mapalé, Cumbia, Bachata, and Champeta.

The singer, who has often been criticized for forgetting her land, closed her mouth to criticism because with her medley, she showed how pop would not exist today as we know it without these other rhythms and without the syncretism that has led the presence of Latinos in the American music industry. In five minutes we saw her dance at least five different musical genres.

In addition, she sang Bad Bunny, who has also taken charge of making his musical career a political gesture. The Puerto Rican, although he made an excellent presentation, did not overshadow Shakira, who was the star of the moment.

Jennifer Lopez sang with the Colombian reggaeton J Balvin, who has popularized the Latin rhythms of reggaeton. In this way, we saw two Puerto Rican singers and two Colombians this Sunday.

At the end of the presentation, when Shakira and Jennifer López had already joined, there was a second potpourri of Latin rhythms, in which the singer from the Bronx danced accompanied by a Latin swing orchestra and other Caribbean rhythms in a dance battle more strict and folkloric.

It should be noted that this was the music that the singers decided to sing in the Super Bowl that was held in Miami. The most American event there is (which for several years in a row won the team called Patriots), was starred by four Latin singers and rhythms of their land, which implies that there is no Miami without Latinity.

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A political gesture

Noting not only the musical selection for the halftime show but also the layout of the stage. For the second part of the show, children locked in neon cages were seen in the dark, which many have interpreted as a denunciation of children separated from their families at the border and the difficult and cruel situation for which Migrants must now pass through the border and in the United States in general with the policies of President Donald Trump. A brave and clear message in the most-watched event of American television.

Right after this performance, Jennifer Lopez's daughter was seen singing and Shakira playing the drums for her. In the midst of this, JLo took the stage with a US flag that when she opened it, it turned out to be the flag of Puerto Rico, another obviously political gesture that wants to draw attention to the situation of the island and, again, to Latinity in the United States.

Without a doubt, a very moving and exciting show with a warm and forceful message.