BoJack Horseman: what left us the end of this series

We already know the end of BoJack Horseman, who faithfully respects the essence of everything that has been the series. Let's see how it ended.

Frame of the trailer for the 'BoJack Horseman' series.

Frame of the trailer for the 'BoJack Horseman' series. / Photo: youtube.com/netflix

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BoJack Horseman ended after 6 seasons. The Netflix animation series, which began in 2014, is considered one of the best in history, due to its ability to move emotions and mix comedy with drama, in a unique world, inhabited by humans and anthropomorphic creatures.

Due to the peculiar tone of the story throughout all its episodes, there was a lot of expectation regarding what the end of the plot of this charismatic and depressing horse would be like. Many people believed that it would end in a real tragedy, while others thought it would be a bittersweet ending. Let's see, then, what are the conclusions we draw from the last season.

First, what we can say is that BoJack Horseman was no saint. We have seen him make morally questionable decisions, from mistreating his neighbors to being involved in the death of a being really dear to him. However, throughout the entire series, we have seen his self-destructive tendency, which was explained due to the personal history he had with his family during his childhood. Therefore, we have come to empathize with him in some situations.


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So, we start from a very weak base in terms of affection so not even we as spectators know what we want to happen to BoJack. On the one hand, we know that he is completely guilty of many of the crimes and accusations he received, but we are also all, in one way or another, victims of what others do with us, although it never becomes a synonym for justification of unfair and illegal actions.

The creators knew this perfectly, which is why they gave us an ending that has multiple edges and interpretations, making us understand that there are no good or bad endings in life, but simply endings. In the same way, all the decisions we make, whether positive or negative, will always be related to some explanation within the past, so there is always the possibility of starting over, even when everything seems too dark.

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Therefore, BoJack Horseman, after having confessed many of the unfair actions he had throughout his life, had a moral lesson from society, making him understand, even at those times when he was being rehabilitated, that everybody must pay for things done in the past. It doesn't matter so much if BoJack was a good or bad horse, but the key focus is on seeing how other people may have been affected by their decisions.

One of the key points we noticed at the end is that BoJack ends up in prison, after losing his home and using drugs and alcohol again. He is arrested for entering his previous mansion on a night of excesses in which he had decided to commit suicide in his pool, making sense of the introduction that accompanies us since the first season. Paradoxically, his punishment is not due to many of his moral regrets (such as his influence on the deaths of Sarah Lynn and Herb Kazzaz), but because of a simple transgression of private property.

How did it end?

Despite having some ups and downs, BoJack Horseman ended up being a story about life itself. Human beings always have a tendency to exaggerate our emotions, for fear of not being able to solve our own existential doubts. In that paradox, it is very curious to highlight how we can empathize perfectly with animated characters, many of whom - like the protagonist - are not even human beings.


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People who sought a kind of redemption for the protagonists will be very satisfied with the outcome because the whole story unleashed in self-pity and how we can do to improve our relationship with others, as well as with oneself. In the words of Espinof, the series chose this last season to face our protagonist with all the ghosts of his past, to see the end he deserved.

Although there are no indications that this series could be resumed in the future, the reality is that the conclusion is satisfactory, in the sense that we can imagine our protagonists fighting their own fears, which will never end. After all, life without problems is a utopia, because the important thing is to know what internal tools we have to deal with them, something that this animated series has taught us. So, we imagine that, in the face of such open lines of argument, everything can happen ... even a return.