The 5 coaches who earn more in Latin American teams

In the face of the new qualification round for the Qatar World Cup 2022 and the Copa América, which will not only take place simultaneously in Argentina and Colombia, but will be organized with a new scheme, it is essential that the technical directors give good results in the matches of the absolute selection.

Reinaldo Rueda, Carlos Queiroz, Ricardo Gareca.

Reinaldo Rueda, Carlos Queiroz, Ricardo Gareca. / Photos: instagram.com/oficialreinaldorueda, instagram.com/carlosqueiroz_, instagram.com/garecaoficial

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However, it is not an easy task, since the fans of the selection will constantly compare the figures with the previous technicians and criticize what they do not like about the new coach. Even so, those who lead the selection give everything of themselves to be able to bring joy to the country, and with a good performance comes also good economic remuneration. Therefore, from LatinAmerican Post we show you the technicians who earn the most in Latin America.

1. Tite

Adenor Leonardo Bacchi, also known as “Tite” has been coach of the Brazilian national team since 2016. Within his record, several victories he had when he was a soccer player are rescued, thanks to his time in different teams such as Caxias or the Guarani. As a coach he was crowned twice as champion of the Brazilian Championship, directing Corinthians and assuming the leadership of the national team of his country he managed to obtain the 2019 Copa América title.

Thanks to that triumph, Brazil was able to obtain its number nine trophy, surpassing Peru in the final, three goals for one. In addition, the selection broke with twelve years of drought, in which they had not won. Thanks to his performance, and the results obtained, the coach charges $3.9 million a year.


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2. Ricardo Gareca

The Argentine coach has been in charge of the Peruvian national team since 2015. Like Tite, Gareca began his career as a soccer player where he played in important clubs such as Boca Juniors, River Plate, among others. Although he did not have a good start in his beginnings as coach of the Peruvian national team, he showed many of the fans asking for his dismissal, that his role as technical director was valuable.

First, he won the bronze medal in the Copa América 2015. Then he managed to qualify the selection of Peru to the 2018 World Cup, after 34 years without qualifying for the competition. And finally, he managed to obtain the silver medal in the most recent edition of the Copa América 2019. After its renewal, it was revealed that the Argentine earns 3.7 million dollars a year.


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3. Reinaldo Rueda

The Colombian has been coach of the Chilean national team since 2018. However, Rueda also directed the Colombian national team, the Honduran national team, which qualified for the 2010 World Cup, and the Ecuadorian national team, which, he took the 2014 World Cup too.

After the questioned participation in the Copa América, the same coach said that his commitment to the selection is still standing and that his purpose "is to take Chile to the World Cup", adding that in the face of criticism and the performance of the selection is evaluating "between the players and bring a mixed team” to the next tournament, according to Prensa Latina. For his work, the Colombian charges 3.5 million dollars.


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4. Oscar Washington Tabárez

The Uruguayan has been leading the national team since 2006, and for this reason, he has broken several records, thus being the coach who has directed more games with a national team and the coach who has gone to more world.

Under his direction, the Uruguayan national team was crowned Copa América champion in 2011. During their participation in the 2019 World Cup, the Uruguayan team managed to move on to the next round, after obtaining a perfect score, something that had not happened since 1954, and then fall, with the French team in the quarterfinals. As revealed, Tabárez earns 3.5 million dollars a year.


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5. Carlos Queiroz

The Portuguese technical director came to the Colombian national team after José Pekerman announced his resignation from the team in 2019. Previously, the former goalkeeper had been in charge of the selection of Portugal, South Africa, Arab Emirates, and Iran. Under the direction of the latter, he managed to qualify it for a second time to a World Cup.

Now, commanding the Colombian national team will have the challenge of qualifying the team for the next World Cup, which will not only prove in the qualifiers, but also in the participation of the Copa América. In the fourteen games he has directed, he has won eight games, has drawn four and lost two. Annually, the Portuguese earns 3 million dollars.


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