Luis Díaz, a Colombian among the 3 most expensive Latinos in Soccer Elite

These are the 3 most valued Latinos in international soccer, the great revelation: Luis Díaz from Liverpool..

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The soccer landscape has changed quite a bit this year. No longer just a few names dominate, but we see how a new generation is making its way. Among these are, of course, several Latino players. Bearing this in mind, today at LatinAmerican Post we decided to review the 3 players from our continent who are making a strong presence in international soccer.

Luis Diaz (Liverpool and Colombia)

The native of the department of Guajira (north of the South American country) had a historic 2021 and 2022, obtaining a level of international fame that we had not seen in someone from this country since James Rodríguez, or perhaps Falcao. In this "dream season", Díaz won two titles with Liverpool, the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup. He also saw minutes in the Champions League, the highest stage of club soccer worldwide.

His numbers this season are proof of his constant advancement. In this Premier year he made 13 appearances, scoring 4 goals and 3 assists. Additionally, its market value has gone through the roof. Currently it is estimated that the "guajiro" is worth more or less 45 million euros.

Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid and Brazil)

This season Vinicius Junior has not only been one of the best Latino players, but also one of the greats in Europe. The Brazilian assisted or scored goals against all the teams that Madrid met in the knockout round of the Champions League, without a doubt being a key factor in his team's victory in this competition.

His numbers are almost unbelievable. Not only did he have a strong charge of 35 games played in this season, but he also managed 17 goals and 13 assists in this period of time. This resulted in him ending his La Liga season with a goal share of 38%.

This resulted in an explosion in the market value of the Brazilian. While in October last year it was worth 50 million euros, this year it is estimated to be worth 100 million euros.

Brazil is one of the favorite teams in this World Cup. Will Vinicius be able to close this year with a World Cup under his sleeve?

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Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan and Argentina)

Finally, we have this great centre-forward, who closed this season with a barrage of goals that was difficult to match.

Martíenz had 21 goals in his 35 Serie A appearances, with 3 assists. He surpassed his own record from the 2020/2021 season in which he scored 17 goals.

Despite the great season he had, Martínez's market value has yet to reach its all-time high of €80 million. At the moment, the soccer market values the Argentine at 75 million euros.

It will be necessary to see what impact it manages to have in this year's World Cup, with an Argentina that is emerging as a favorite.

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