Do you only feed your body?

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If, as people say, we are what we eat, the food we provide to our mind also defines us as human beings.

Couple eating spaghetti.

Couple eating spaghetti. / Photo: Rawpixel - Reference Image

LatinAmerican Post | Natalia Isaza Chavarría

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Eating six times a day, sufficient proportions, with a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats is a necessary and very beneficial habit for our body and health. Being aware of this food, doing it at appropriate times and not exceeding are also advice that doctors, nutritionists, and other health and wellness specialists constantly give us.

We usually save a percentage of our money to buy those foods, either going to the square to buy them or enjoying delicacies already prepared in restaurants. However, that is not the only thing we should feed judiciously and constantly, but it usually is, because it is the only thing we see tangible.

Our mind is the most powerful resource to get everything we set out and it was given to us for free. With this, I want to emphasize that sometimes we value more what we had to make an economic investment, which I do not say is wrong, but for that reason, many times we neglect the invaluable things that were given to us and with which we could strengthen our lives much more.

As children, we are taught that after school we do an undergraduate and then any specialization, which will help us to have a better job and better resources, is the process that we continue without protesting and when we finish those supposedly stipulated steps, we believe ourselves to be finished and We stop feeding that organ so powerful that we have in the head.

We believe that it was enough and we started with the work routine, that although every day brings us new learning, it does not leave that comfort zone, and free time, because as we believe that from the academic and professional we already fulfill, we dedicate them, especially to banal things.

The brain has a potential that many times we waste and die without even knowing or recognizing it, there are multiple examples of this potential, to give a couple, there is the Guinness Record of memorization of digits reaching about 150,000 figures or also the ability to read quickly being able to read more than 300 words in a minute. Like these, there are many more examples of how we can strengthen our mental abilities, challenge ourselves, educate ourselves, be more efficient in our chores.

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People never finish learning, it is a constant and infinite process, and it is not only that we take a course or study a specialized subject but it is also about paying special attention to what we see, hear, read.

As in the food, it is about preparing balanced meals, not only consuming junk but looking for a balance. If, as they say there, we are what we eat, the food we provide to our mind also defines us as human beings.

Nowadays, with easy access to the information that the internet allows us, it is much easier to feed our brain, recharge it and constantly fill it with new knowledge. However, and this phrase is not mine, I do not remember where I heard it but it marked me: “technology is like a hammer, it serves to destroy or to build, it all depends on how it is used”. That's where the information or disinformation we receive or allow to receive differs.

Likewise, a very important aspect that directly interferes with our learning processes is our environment, since, as I mentioned earlier, mental food is there, available to everyone, but also the openness or willingness we have to receive it will be subject to where and with whom we are, as well as we take time to share food, we can also do it with that food for the mind, whether it is sharing spaces or simply learning and recommendations.