"Sonic" is a hit for video game movies

The Sonic movie is reaping a good amount of positive reviews. Will a good relationship between video games and cinema begin?

Frame of the trailer for the movie 'Sonic'.

Frame of the trailer for the movie 'Sonic'. / Photo: youtube.com/Paramount Pictures

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When they announced the SEGA blue hedgehog movie project, many fans were really happy. Basically, they would be giving life on the big screen to one of the most iconic characters in the world of video games ... although disappointment quickly began.

At first, this film was greatly criticized due to the protagonist's appearance, which was not similar to what he looked like in the games. This can be seen in the negative comments of one of the creators of this fast animal, especially with regard to his eyes, according to what the Red Zone media said.

However, it seems that the producer of this film heard the criticism of the community, so they decided to redesign the blue hedgehog in a way that would fit better with what we had known in the games. After knowing this, we were all impatient for the movie to come out, which has not disappointed us.

Why does the Sonic movie work?

Sonic's movie seems to break the idea that combining video games and films is a bad decision. The jump from the gamer world to that of the big screen was well portrayed, according to what Hobbyconsolas media said, who highlighted that Paramount Pictures “starts with a tone close to video games”.


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In the same way, it is a film that will attract mostly children, due to its comedy tone. The protagonist blue hedgehog, which we now love due to his charismatic design, can be somewhat annoying, but he has a hyperactive personality that is related to its main characteristic: speed.

Another of the strengths of the movie is the character of Jim Carrey, who plays Dr. Robotnick. It is a role that feels magnificent, because we all know that this actor has a particular style of acting, combining eccentric gestures, which fit perfectly into the universe of the film.

If we understand what type of movie this is, we will realize that the plot of the Sonic movie is very well developed. Although the humor may be somewhat childish, we must understand that this story is directed towards that type of audience. Although many adults grew up with these games, the idea is to exploit the frantic and enjoyable adventures, with easy jokes, but suitable for everyone.

What can we expect from the world of cinema and videogames?

According to what we see in Tomatazos media, this story is “entertaining for all audiences”, which implies that there is a consensus of 89% for critics. These parameters are quite high, especially when considering the disappointment of many people in relation to the character's initial design.

However, the fact that he is having a positive reception would imply that these two worlds may approach in the near future . We have already seen it with the Pokémon live-action movie: Detective Pikachu. However, in the near future, there would be some other figures charismatic enough to have their own adaptation, such as Spyro or Crash Bandicoot. Will we get to see them in the cinema?

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