High Fidelity: the new series from Hulu

Here everything you need to know about the new Hulu series.

Frame of the trailer for the 'High Fidelity' series.

Frame of the trailer for the 'High Fidelity' series. / Photo: youtube.com/hulu

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Last Valentine's Day, Hulu launched High Fidelity, its new series, which is an updated version of the already classic 2000's film starring John Cusack. We review it and tell you how it differs from its original version.


The new version

The new Hulu series is led by the beautiful Zöe Kravitz, who has dazzled with her interpretation of Bonnie in Big Little Lies of HBO and who is also the daughter of Lisa Bonet, one of the protagonists of the first version of High Fidelity. Rather than being based on the first version for the screen, in the form of a feature film, this Hulu adaptation is based on the book that inspired the film.

The argument is simple: a woman who owns a vinyl record store is heartbroken and looking for an explanation, so she contacts all her previous partners to try to understand what leads all her romantic experiences to failure . The premise, initially, is the same of the film starring John Cusack that we saw in the 2000's. However, the change of gender of the protagonist does bring some significant changes in the plot and the development of the story.

The series is also updated. One of Rob's previous partners, the protagonist, is a woman, which introduces a new twist and new reflections to the discussion about love in youth. On the other hand, the musical references, although they still have a nostalgic tint as in the film, are updated and the soundtrack includes new artists. The action also moves from Chicago to Brooklyn, New York .

If by the 2000's having a vinyl store was a nostalgic touch, here you will have the new twist of it being almost bankrupt . You can see in the new version of Hulu a nostalgia for other decades but not necessarily that of the 2000's, which was when the film was released.


The original version

In the 2000's the first version of the British Best Seller was released . Starring John Cusack, king of romantic comedy , the film was an international success. Contrary to the series, here the protagonist had a successful business and was a renowned DJ, but when it came to love and romantic relationships, as in the series, he was very clumsy. He also decides to contact his previous partners to find out what is linked to his failure in love. As the protagonist of the series, Rob is scorned by his most significant relationship and will try to recover it.

Although some things change and are renewed in the new series, the public will already be able to see that some dialogues are repeated and that both protagonists have two ecliptic friends who pay homage to friendship within the framework of a production that talks about romantic love. Both the film and the series are touching and funny. Perhaps the character of John Cusack can be more sympathetic in the sense that he is more clumsy, which makes it easier to identify with him than with that of Zöe Kravitz, who is a cool Brooklyn girl. However, this series will be, like the movie, a new nostalgic classic that can already be seen in Hulu.

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