The 10 growing Latin American artists of Lollapalooza Argentina 2020

Lollapalooza 2020 of Argentina will have several Latin American artists who are going through a very prominent career. Let's see the top 10.

Alejo and Valentín, Lucia Tacchetti and Elsa and Elmar.

Alejo and Valentín, Lucia Tacchetti and Elsa and Elmar. / Photos: lollapaloozaar.com

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On the 27th, 28th and 29th of March 2020, the seventh edition of Lollapalooza will be held in Argentina, a music festival that brings together the best of the local and international scene. This event will take place at the San Isidiro Racecourse, in a town in the Province of Buenos Aires.

In this concert, we will have stellar presences. The medium The Chronicler had commented on the full list of musicians to be presented on stage. Among the most recognized, we find Travis Scott, Martin Garrix, The Strokes, Gwen Stefani, Guns N 'Roses and Lana del Rey, who will be the main artists of each of the three days.


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However, that will not be all. The Infobae site comments that the musical show of the year will also feature some specific sideshows from other less recognized international bands that will be part of the event. Among them, we see Yungblud (March 26 at the Vorterix Theater), The Hu (March 30 at Niceto Club), Mika (March 31 at the Metropolitan) and Rex Orange County (March 31 at the Vorterix Theater).

We decided to evaluate the Latin American scene a little more, making a top 10 with some soloists or Latin American groups that could cause sensation within the scenarios, because they are having a good streak.

Day 1: Friday March 27

The first day of the celebration will feature a large number of local artists of the most varied styles.

1. Louta

Jaime Martín James, artistically known as Louta, is an Argentine singer, songwriter, producer and DJ who dabbles in indie-pop or electronic pop, characterizing his shows by great staging.

Thus, he uses the choreographies and communication with the public to generate concerts with a lot of movement.

2. Wos

Valentín Oliva, better known as Wos, is an Argentine rapper and freestyler, international champion of the Red Bull Battle of the Roosters of 2018.

With a massive growth in recent months, he will be present in this edition to present his debut album, Caravana, which has 7 songs with a mix of styles that maintain the essence of rap.

3. Alejo and Valentín

In this case, we talk about an Argentine band, which will present their first album, known as Peculiares, which maintains an acoustic and pleasant tone.

4. Feli Colina

Here we mention an Argentine solo singer-songwriter who had a true story of self-improvement. According to what Página 12 mentions, she began her career playing in public transportation. Thanks to the good reception of the passengers, it reached a popularity that allowed her to publish Feroza, an album she recorded on the mythical Abbey Road.

5. Lucia Tacchetti

This Argentine singer stands out for offering a style of music that conveys peace, thanks to its melodic sounds. The use of strings in some of her songs allows her to have a unique and very relaxing style.

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Day 2: Saturday 28

On the second day, we can appreciate a little more the appearance of groups, although there will also be solo presences.

6. Trueno

Mateo Palacios Corazzina, known musically as Trueno, is an Argentine rapper and freestyler, who was crowned as National Freestyle Champion in the Battle of the Roosters 2019.

Therefore, we can see a proposal that maintains the classic characteristics of rap, although applying a very special lo-fi style, with truly deep lyrics.

7. Zoe Gotusso

Zoe Gotusso, according to La Nación, is an artist who started by making covers of Amy Winehouse. She is also known for being part of Salvapantallas, an acoustic musical project of different remakes of themes by great Argentine artists, such as Fito Páez, Charly García or Luis Alberto Spinetta.

8. El mató a un policia motorizado

El mató a un policia motorizado is an Argentine indie rock band. With a captivating and eclectic sound, the band knows how to use distorted guitars with an electric tone very well.

In addition, it has a melodic touch thanks to the relaxing voice of its singer, Santiago Motorizado, which perfectly complements the surround sound of the group.

9. Las Ligas menores

This group knows how to perfectly combine the sound of indie rock with a really novel proposal, letting the guitars be in the foreground, while the voice of its singer, Anabella Cartolano, accompanies in a very subtle way.

Day 3: Sunday 29

Although the last day is more oriented to the international stage, we can highlight an interesting musical project.

10. Elsa and Elmar

Here we talk about Elsa Carabajal, a Colombian singer and songwriter, with truly warm songs, who has touched the intimate fiber of the public thanks to her great lyrics.

That, of course, if we do not take into account her incredible interpretations in vocal terms, which allows her to enhance the meaning of her words.


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