The 5 best books to start a business

All people, at some time or another, wish to achieve financial independence. This is achieved in different ways, although the reality is that it implies a share of effort - and sometimes capital - so that you have a structure that can be automatically supported.

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If your desire is to start entrepreneurship, you can read some essential books to have a solid base when it comes to running your business.

That is, the intention will be to take advantage of all the resources we have at our disposal to be able to offer an innovative service or product. As we are inserted into capitalism, the logic will be profit, which is why we must understand how the business world works and what we can do to stand out in it.

As the competition is wide, it will be necessary to feed on all the information we have at our disposal. Therefore, we decided to choose the 5 best books to start a venture, each of which will analyze from a different point of view the possibilities of achieving success.

5. Integrated Marketing Communications (1993, Don Schultz)

This book will be the basis for understanding how business works and what are the marketing strategies necessary to make a difference. During all its pages we will comprehend the history of advertising a bit, while we will understand several of the stages of capitalism.

In this book, we will recognize the importance of the manufacturing hero in our history. Basically, it was the one that could sell more in less time, which is why the idea of marketing arose, where the emphasis was placed on the characteristics of the product and not on the customer ... until markets changed.

4. ¡Sálvese quien pueda! The future of work in the era of automation (2018, Andrés Oppenheimer)

Andrés Oppenheimer is an Argentine journalist and writer based in the United States. Unlike the previous book, where we talked about the past of marketing communications, here we have a very bleak picture of the future, since there are some indications of the present that show that many jobs can disappear.


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This is exemplified in an article he wrote in the middle of El Nuevo Herald, where he refers to the "threat" of Chinese robots, which implies a loss of jobs for many workers in the country. The solution, from their perspective, is innovation based on creativity. As much as technology evolves, there will always be tasks that robots will not be able to perform effectively, an idea that you can take advantage of for your venture.

3. Everybody writes (2014, Ann Handley)

One of these tasks is creative writing. As much as you don't want to work in this area, the habit of telling stories will always be what attracts companies. As much as a robot can generate text automation, the really important thing behind a company is the art of generating emotions in others, because those who keep your business afloat are other human beings.

Incorporating the habit of writing, even if it is not your main task, will mean taking into account what your goals are. Although you are not the one who creates the content of your own company, you must have a clear guideline about your target audience, with a humane treatment that can arouse emotions in them. Remember: anyone can write.

2. The Purple Cow (2002, Seth Godin)

Continuing with the previous idea that the world is changing at incredible speeds, it is logical that marketing is no longer the same as before. At the time of undertaking, it will be no use bombarding messages to our audience, as it could generate a negative effect on them since our “need to sell” will be noticed, something incompatible with success.

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In this sense, we can take the word of the author in an interview conducted by the Medium site, where he comments that it is necessary to act in a way in which we help others achieve their own dreams, without forcing them to pay attention to you. Thus, if we do not want to be invisible within the immense ocean of advertising, we must be different, break the rules and have them look at us as if we were a purple cow.

1. Who Moved My Cheese? (1998, Spencer Johnson)

Finally, we have a book that moves away completely from others, but that will help the emotional factor of embarking on a new challenge. Basically, we talk about a fable where the protagonists are two mice and two Lilliputians, who are looking for cheese. At one point in history, they find a place with a huge amount of this food.

However, like everything else, cheese runs out. Therefore, the characters should learn to get out of their comfort zones to improve their own aspirations and not conform. No matter how hard the circumstances are: we must always try to fulfill our dreams, seeking personal development.