Palpatine's theory in Star Wars Episode IX

Star Wars: Episode IX - The rise of Skywalker answered many questions but also raised some very interesting ones. What if Palpatine had achieved his goal?

Still from the trailer for the movie 'Star Wars: Episode IX'.

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The last episode of the galactic saga served to close the new trilogy by Disney. According to what the specialized website of Metacritic proposes, Episode IX of the saga has a user score of 4.9, since many of them feel that attempts were made to give explanations that have no logical basis.

However… what if all the clues had always been in front of our eyes? After making a review of all the films in the saga, we can deduce that the entire plot, in one way or another, seemed to arrive at this same conclusion, having as its protagonist an entity: Palpatine.


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The evil emperor Palpatine reappeared "out of nowhere" at the close of this new series of films, proving to us that he was always the one behind the shadows, handling all the new events. Some fans think that his appearance is "pure fan service", although, in reality, everything is quite logical.

What is the theory about Palpatine's plan in Episode IX?

According to what the frames half mentions, the Palpatine that we saw in Episode IX was a true clone, something that actor Ian McDiarmid himself confirms, after reading a part of the script. This confirms that indeed the Palpatine that was in Episode VI was real, which is why he truly passed away after Darth Vader's redemption.


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Therefore, a part of its “essence” was captured to transfer to the body of a clone, although it was not an easy thing to do. For example, we see that Snoke ended up being a "puppet" clone of Palpatine, which served as an excuse to lure Rey and Kylo Ren into the situation they were in today.

We also know, according to what the HobbyConsolas website mentions, that Rey's father was a failed clone of the emperor. This shows that his intention since he discovered the arts of cloning, was to have the power to preserve immortality ... and everything has its explanation.

We must remember that, for Episode III, the Republic - which would later become the Empire - had the necessary tools to clone, something that is often overlooked. That is, in this case, it was used to create the famous clone army, but then it is likely that all the technology passed into the hands of the Emperor, which would help create their own duplications. That is, cloning was already present from the first movies.

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According to what is still mentioned by Chancellor Palpatine in Episode III in his talk with Anakin Skywalker, the apprentice of Darth Plagueis (who was himself) ended up murdering his master after learning all his knowledge. This would not be important, were it not for the fact that he had the wonderful power of "creating life", even saving it.

This would explain why his granddaughter, Rey, had the “gene” of saving others thanks to the Force, something that appears in the film as an innovation. However, according to what the Culture Leisure site comments, this ability had already appeared in the series The Mandalorian, all thanks to Baby Yoda. Therefore, the pieces begin to curdle.

What other information do we have?

It is about this plot that the conversion to the dark side of Anakin Skywalker is explained, since he, in his eagerness to save Padmé from death (as happened with his mother) decides to join his ranks. However, what he never knew is that all those visions in his mind were caused by the evil Palpatine, who could influence other people's minds.


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Well, knowing all this gives us a slightly broader picture of the events of the latest Star Wars movie. First of all, we can understand a recurring pattern in Palpatine throughout all the movies: that he incites others to "destroy him" so that they turn to the dark side. We saw it with Anakin in Episode III and with Luke in Episode VI, but we never understood its importance.

Actually, everything seems to indicate that the purpose was not only to have a subject who went to the side of evil but also, in the hypothetical case that the person attacked and mortally wounded with hatred, the essence of Palpatine could pass to a much more stable body, dominating it. This is what he tried again with Rey, whom he wanted to make his empress.

This information comes hand in hand with what we saw when he discovered that Kylo Ren and Rey were a true “dyad of force”, something that strengthened his own body by absorbing his energies. However, we see after this situation led to the Emperor's own destruction. But ... what if this was his plan from the start?

As we discussed, the fact that Palpatine was able to influence rivals' minds, creating false thoughts, historically helped him achieve his goals. If you think about it, he needed to get out of that failed cloned body ... and he could have done it by making Rey believe that all the Jedi were in his favor, something that would also explain why his Force ghosts did not appear.

Thus, the evil Palpatine could have accomplished his goals and returned in a hypothetical follow-up of this entire story. After all, he always specialized in “having it all precisely planned,” and this might not be the exception.