This would be the 2020 F1 season

The ultimate motorsport event does not give up and shows its cards, teams, and drivers for the annual season while waiting for the world to return to normal.

Lewis Hamilton

Although the world of motorsports is on hiatus, it continues to work. / Photo: flickr.com/jen_ross83

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May will be the month in which normality is expected to resume in the world of sports and even when it is not safe, the International Federation of Motorsports (FIA) works after being forced to cancel the Grand Prix of Australia, China, Bahrain and Vietnam given the global health emergency.

The May plan will be constantly revised, as events will mark possible modifications. Recall that in the specific case of Australia, its cancellation was directly due to a case of coronavirus within the McLaren team.

Days later, the Bahrain Grand Prix was suspended, which would be carried out without an audience, but that, given the growing wave of cases in the world, the decision was made to cancel it, like the one in Vietnam. The China one had already been canceled in advance.

Unclear communication

Formula One and the FIA announced the measures and offered a brief preview of what they hope will happen next. "Formula 1 and the FIA continue to work closely with promoters in Bahrain and Vietnam and local medical authorities to monitor the situation and take the appropriate amount of time to study the feasibility of possible new dates for each Grand Prix of the year."

What does appear to be unchanged is the European Championship. In this regard, they reported that they hope to start at the end of May, even though they clarified that the increase in cases due to Covid-19 could delay said start.

Alex Pombo, an ESPN journalist, pointed out that this is a serious blow to the organization. "For Formula One returning money from tickets to the fans for the Australian Grand Prix will be difficult," adding that the suspensions do not really affect the greats: Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull, but the rest of the teams that are also important for the circuit.

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But ... What do the teams bring for 2020?

Let's start with the current monarch of the category of teams, the all-powerful Mercedes. 15 wins out of 21 possible in 2019 (with nine doublets, that is, first and second place), does not leave much for the analysis of his dominance.

The Mercedes 2020 has been developing since 2018 and therefore it seems to be a fairly reliable single-seater or, although not the most powerful engine. Given the little aerodynamics that they usually present in the brand, this car will have as its strength its ability to adapt to almost all circuits. There are good drivers, multi-champion Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, as well as managers to do the rest.


The mismanagement of the team has hurt them to the point of not taking advantage of what is considered the most powerful engine in the entire competition. To show a button: only three awards won in all of 2019.

Technically, the only concern is the lack of aerodynamics in the team, but mainly they will have to work harder and better as a team, and regain the harmony that was lost in 2019.

The duo of Sebastián Vettel and Charles Leclerc give to hope, but they themselves will have to work hard to remove the controversy due to the private agreement reached by the 'Cavalino Rampante' team with the FIA regarding the engine of last year. The first races, those suspended in Asia, painted to be the most difficult, so the change of calendar could benefit them.

Red bull

With the evolution of its engine and its chassis, they made a very positive 2019. Christian Horner hopes to be close to the two favorites this season and fight them to the end. Max Verstappen and the novel Alexander Albon paint as a very competitive duo.

Although they have always been one step behind Mercedes and Ferrari, it is foreseeable to think that their machine will be stronger this year and that it has increased power to become a car with greater guarantees. They are going to fight.

Hamilton master and lord

Hamilton's thing is to frame after 13 years. His successful career already ranks him among the best in history. Last year's season is one of the best to be remembered with 11 wins and five poles that earned him the championship with ease.

In this 2020, Hamilton will seek to equal the German Michael Schumacher at the top of the history of achieved titles, 7, but he also has a good chance of beating him in total victories (he is 84 and needs 8 more to leave Schumacher's 91 behind) and on podiums (he has 151 and he only needs five more to overcome his 155).

Hamilton is not of false modesty, and aware of this, announced on his social networks: "I am going to be a machine this year, at a level like never before!"


His teammate Valtteri Bottas, who comes from doing his best professional season in 2019, has the opportunity to distance himself from the labels that assure that he is a Hamiltonian second.

Sebastián Vettel comes from four long years, full of troubles. His relationship with Ferrari, however, looks solid in a year that seems key to the German driver. Many believe that if he regains the hunger for victory that made him a very cunning driver at Red Bull, Hamilton will really have a weighty rival. He has a car, talent and experience.

But in the same team is Leclerc, the Monegasque revelation that threatens to be world champion quickly. Claw and strength showed in 2019 in which he won two races, he was not third in the General by details and even fought with Vettel.

Another one to look at is Verstappen of course. The Dutchman improved his driving style, adding maturity, but maintaining his standards of speed and aggressiveness. Not in vain did he win all three Red Bull races. His advantage is that there is no doubt that he is the leader of the team and that provides an internal tranquility that generates a lot of optimism.