Do you really know what coaching is?

The first key is to understand that coaching and these methodologies were not born a year or two ago.

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I confess that at some point I came to think… another coach? It thought it was fashionable and everyone believed it for no reason. However, and although I am not yet one, I hope to be one someday, so now I speak more from the academy and the experience. I am doing a diploma in educational coach, and it has given me pleasant surprises. I am going to list what for me are the main sources of revolution in this comprehensive methodology.

The first key is to understand that coaches or these methodologies were not born a year or two ago. Although there is not complete clarity, the coaching methodology emerged approximately 20 years ago as an escape from traditional education and how it is taught, basically focusing on the incitement and liberation of potential, oriented to the capacities of each person while learning to learn. It goes beyond simply teaching or publicizing a topic or theory, it is about sharing experiences and knowledge but inciting the coachee (who receives the coaching) to experience it on their own, not to be left alone in what they hear or see. On the contrary, to question and reflect on everything from experimentation.

Something that I have also loved and that I know is one of the great strengths of this methodology is the transmission of knowledge by competencies. In other words, not isolate all the parts that comprise our life, on the contrary, unite them and ensure that they are integrated with all the processes. When I speak of competitions I am speaking of knowing how to be, knowing how to do, knowing how to learn and knowing how to live together. If all these parts of our lives are united, it is possible to achieve not only learning but also constant, exponential and integral growth, giving great strength to all the unimaginable and incalculable capacities of each person.

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I also want to put a lot of emphasis on changing the objectives, since with this methodology you do not only think about the point of arrival but also ask about the path, that is, there are final objectives but also objectives of the process. The greatest use and strength of development is sought while the final goal is reached.

With all this that I expose here, what I intend is that we take another look at the different forms of learning, accompaniment, and training that exist. Understanding that I am not demeaning the traditional way but I am opening the spectrum that if it is not one way it is another. It is simply a matter of finding the one that best adapts to our learning process as individuals so that we can obtain greater self-knowledge and make better use of the potential that each one surely has in different areas.

Now that we are in the digital age, it is much easier for us to knock on several doors until we find ours, to understand that we do not have to hurt ourselves nor do we have to suffer along the way and that it is precisely the process that is most important. When we empower all aspects of life in it, the goal simply comes in addition.

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